Costume Party – Gleeks at Heart

29 Oct

Hello cupcakes!

So Jer and I have a most wonderful costume party tomorrow.  And I may have been dreaming about costumes for weeks now…. but of course we haven’t actually gotten a single thing in order.  And hubs is absolutely no help! So I’m putting my foot down.  And making his decision for him….

We’re gonna be everybody’s favorite gleek couple!  Okay perhaps they’re just our fave, but they are really too cute for words, in a cupcake sugar overload kind of way.

Here’s my outfit plan:

There’s shoes too!  I just forgeted to add them to the collage!

Rose: Maybe I should be ashamed of this… butttttt I’m super giddy about all the adorable preppy clothes that I now have a legitexcuse to buy… And I’ve been careful to pick stuff that I will (pinky swear) wear again [separately OF COURSE] = guilt free spending.

Thorn: Please, Lord, let no one point out the not-so-sugar-and-spice nice similarities to Rachel.  Sure I don’t match most of the time, and I can get a little bossy often occasionally, but I’m not that bad right?!  However, feel free to praise my spectacular pipes (ha!)  and undeniable star quality;)  After all, I was in jazz choir which hubs insists is essentially a glee club.

Jer just gets some general ideas, because he’s less of a fan of spending money on gear (go figure)…

The beauty in this is that Jer’s wardrobe is frighteningly similar to Finn’s already.  He literally owns the same clothes!  In fact, I daresay he’s a closet Finn. [ Hardeeharhar.]

Off to do homework until I eventually collapse of excitement and head to do some costume-hunting… We all know that just because something’s online, says NOTHING about in-store availability.  Wish me luck!

PS)  What are you going as for the big day?!  Don’t leave me hangin’ here friends!


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