Our Vewwwwy Scurrry Halloweenie…

31 Oct

This Halloween was such a mixed bag…

First I crazy sad because Jer wasn’t getting on his horse about Halloween… In fact, as of Friday morning we didn’t even have a dang idea!  So naturally, I had to make the executive plan, and our favorite show’s favorite couple it was!  And the gleekheart post was born. So that is all well and good…

‘Cept then 99% of the cuteness I’d so carefully picked up online wasn’t available in stores.  Real Shocker. So after much (stressful) searching, I found some adequate replacements… Please read: I bought out most of Kohls, H&M and Tarjay. We’re talkin’ 4 floofly skirts, 5 preppy shirts, 2 pairs of glittery shoes, 2 crazy funny crossbody bitty purses, 2 pairs of black tights and 2 pairs of  argyle knee socks.  Not to mention 1 gold star ring and 5 sparkly skinny headbands.  Yipes!

On the bright side, with Jer’s critical glee eye – I ended up in a cutie outfit that only involved one floofy skirt (size 12 – dang H&M), 2 preppy shirts (inc. a cardigan of course), one pair of sequinned ballet flats, 1 matching crossbody baby-purse, one gold star ring and of course some sexay argyle socks.

Then, last night we got to go to a kickin’ Halloween partay.  Why so kickin’ you say?  Um… let’s just say we have a friend who works in a lab.  With dry ice:

Can’t tell how sweet that is… let’s go big or go home shall we?

‘Course I was so ‘cited I had to get greedy and stick my knee-socked leggies in!

Besides that crazy exciting dry ice… there was also friends with CRAZY costume skills. For realz. These two couples MADE these!  I know – unreal right?

As for us, I think we rocked the gleekhearts.  Jer left his football in the car… but you get the idea right!?

Jer was so dedicated he even let me dye his hair!  With the real stuff- that doesn’t come out the next day… or ever.  Fanks hubs!  You make one sexay Finn Hudson I must say!

But as all parties do, the glamour and joy eventually came to an end… And it wasn’t even really Halloween yet!  Saddest thing of all – new house, bought tons of candy in undeniable excitement and NO FRIGGIN’ TRICK-OR-TREATERS!  Where those stinkin’ kids at!?  There’s even a dang sidewalk by our house – and we have porchlights!  And we live in a nice neighborhood.  And I may or may not have gotten dressed up again *just in case*. What the heck gives?!

But, to be fair, I did dress our (furry) child up in his classic pumpkin costume and my sweet hubs stepped outside (into the snow!  ARRGGHHH NY!!) to knock and give me a false satisfaction as I offered him glorious sugary options out of my GLITTERY PUMPKIN.  Sweet, sweet satisfaction!

But again, there’ s a bright side.  I can nurse my rejection pain with copious amounts of the finest chocolate.  Namely Reeses, Almond Joys, Snickers (with almonds!), Swedish fish and Sour Patch kids.  = Alls well that ends well:)

Thanks for humoring and seeing how pathetic we were are. And thanks for being my own little bloggie trick-or-treaters, you’re better than real children anyways;) Here’s your treat!

Sorry we missed you halloween note.

It’s a most lovely sign that you can hang on your door when you step out on the big day next year.  Pieced together from other less appealing word templates by yours truly (so what that it was for Saturday night because I thought maybe parents would send thier kids out ahead of schedule – you know – just in case!).  Feel free to change the text and use with abandon reference-free:)

Love you  kiddies – hope you had a truly spooktacular Halloween!

All the love in the universe,

Your One True Gleek (insert gold star here)


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