Big Fail: Fall Pies

11 Nov

So I’m sure all you cutie readers get on here and think that everything always goes wonderfully here in buttery/sugary cupcake land.  Please read: “course you already know I take millions of pics of millions of goodies to end up with just a few delicious enough to even share…”  But just in case you need proof that things go poorly around here always sometimes… let’s party:

These two beauties actually occurred on the same weekend.  Side by side.  Back to back.  What we like to call: a win, win.

It was my brilliant plan to please fruit pie lovers (with a classic apple pie), and my picky, picky hubs (with a creamy cinnamon pie topped with crunchy m&ms).  I was planning on killing two birds with one stone too.  Scratch that, I hate that phrase, how ’bout frosting two cupcakes with one hand?  Why on earth does that sound dirty? Whatever, you know what I mean!  I was trying to whip something up that met two requests from my giveaway post, a cinnamon dessert (not cinnamon apple etc., just straight up cinnamon) and something that was beautiful like fall leaves!  So I guess that’s three cupcakes with one hand!?  But all the cupcakes turned into crapcakes and here’s how:

Specimen #1, the big doot pie:

Saddest part of all?  Do you know how long it takes to find the ‘perfect apple pie recipe‘? And to peel apples – and make a pretty little lattice top?  Way long.  I should probably give it a second shot, since it gets millions of great reviews @ allrecipes – the odds are like 99.8% that I royally botched it… all on my own.  *Sigh*  After the fact I realized that *of course* the caramely topping goes under the top crust – but how on earth did I miss that the first time around?!

And without further adieu, onto the second FAIL:

Specimen #2, the tempting & festive cinnamon pie:

Ahahaha, tricked ya!  That sucker was a total fakeout.  Delicious and tempting on the outside, texture of a wet sponge on the inside.  Or maybe more like melty rubber. Blargh – it was so icky!

To the poor friends who had to smile through both pies – please forgive me!

So that’s the tale of the two culinary lead balloons.  Now please tell me you have some similar edible stalemates to cheer me up!


One Response to “Big Fail: Fall Pies”

  1. Leah November 13, 2010 at 12:34 am #

    TESSAH!! im so sorry ive been MIA! ive been busy busy busy. buuuuut. i did catch myself up and read all ur back blogs! and i am flattered to hear that you took my ideas for the cinnamon pie and fall leaves! i smiled big when i read that! and i bet you ANY MONEY both of those pies were delicious! especially that cinnamon and M&M one! man i wish i lived near you so i could’ve tried that! what was the filler of the pie? it looks so delicious. did jer end up liking the apple pie?
    ALSO!!! i LOVE the apron! im SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO sorry i never wrote you back, or even messages u on FB or ur blog! i feel TERRIBLE! im kind of A.D.D. to the point where when i read something (or receive something in the mail, i.e. your lovely apron), i say “yay! how lovely. a message/gift/letter” then i move on and forget to ever respond! happens all the time with texts and voicemails. i read/listen, say “how nice” then move on. i fail to follow up. so please accept my deepest apologies. i wore it around the house the day i got it. haha. im a dork. i shall send a picture when i bake my first goodie in it.

    dont worry my dear. i am still a faithful follower of your blog! i need SOME comedic relief in my life! and additional temptations to eat delicious food (as if i dont do a good job of that on my own without temptation… ha)

    lookin forward to the next attempt at my suggestions! love u lady! hope all is well!!

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