Little Miss Gratefulpants

14 Nov

Hi kittens!  How’s everybody doing now that fall is really setting in!?  I hope you’re taking full advantage of the abundance of crispy yummy apples, prettyful views, colorific mums and most of all – cider and donuts!!  Personally – I can’t get enough – so the holiday weight gain starts right about now for this little lady.  But I’m relatively confident that’s what God intended for the winter seeing it as it gets dark at flippin’ 4:30 ’round these parts... Hibernation it is!  That said, I’m also in a super-dupery thankful mood for a plethora of reasons… including but not limited to:

  • (I didn’t mention this the first time – which makes me an idiot.  Something I tend to take for granted but should obv. be shouting from the mountaintops…)  Jesus. What we like to call a game-changer. Or life-changer.  Or both.  But I get all stumble-mouthed when trying to discuss him, so how bout I defer that to Miss Erica the Eloquent.  Hopefully she doesn’t mind!
  • Rhinestones, because frankly, they make everything better.  For instance, do you  have a $2 Aldi compact that could use a little bedazzling?  I’d highly recommend it!  And by that I mean – poor woman’s therapy!

And how bout some shoes whose sexy gems have mostly tumbled out?

Don’t worry – I’m not already off track – I’m genuinely thankful for rhinestones…  And blingin’ friends who don’t mind your silly obsessions.  Or even share the;)  (Stay tuned for their excellent bling jobs – I’m def. exploiting their talent on here!)

  • Caring nurses who make your grammie’s stay in the hospital that much less awful.  Thanks ladies – your dedication and patience are truly inspirational!
  • Grey nailpolish. Don’t believe me?  Shame on you!  It’s about a million times sexier than you’re thinking and you’ll catch yourself gazing lovingly at your hands I swear!
  • Lovely, beautiful and silly friends who commiserate on your senseless anxiety.  By bedazzling random objects (I’ll spare you the details – they’re kind of embarrassing/awesome), sharing riesling, painting nails and gorging on treats.  Def. the way to go when you’re stressed!
  • Second hand shops. Especially of the cheap variety.  When I was younger (and dumber) consignment was synonymous with scary germs and hideous Halloween costumes.  But now I’m a much smarter grown up who sees the value in reducing and reusing and can hunt out a deal in a haystack of schtuff.  Proof you demand?  Check these babies out!

The best part?  The grand total was $17.  Ahhh the glory of it!  Can you see why I’m thankful for second hand shops!

  • A loving and godly husband who is your forever crying shoulder and exudes positive energy in everything he does.   Not to mention one with piercing blue eyes and super long & strong huggin’ arms!  *Sigh.*
  • Panera’s new signature macaroni and cheese.  It pairs with their Mediteranean veggie sandwich so well – my belly is growling just mentioning it!  Yeah – it’s no homemade and it’s probably not that great for you – but there’s something to be said for readily available comfort food!
  • A cutie pie puppy who’s always good for some snuggles and kisses.  And is always thrilled to see you – even when you’re a grumpy mess.  Anyone who ever said that you can’t buy happiness obviously hasn’t ever paid vet fees to adopt a little pupster.  Best purchase of my life – and the joy just keeps coming!
  • Leaves. Yeah I went there.  Even though our yard is 8 inches deep in ’em and all the raking in the world doesn’t really make a dent… Its all a part of the circle(s) of life and if they didn’t fall in the autumn – how would all those buds come bursting forth in the spring?  Plus – raking for hours is a killer upper arm/core work out and kid’s love em. Overall – a good thing – just go with it.
  • Positive vibes. This takes a different form for different people at different times.  But as of late I’ve been extra-thankful for all those stupendous people who send me cheery thoughts and words about the blog.  You probably don’t know it, but it’s your kind emails and facebook messages that make me want to get on here and spill my heart.  And beans.  And all that good stuff.  Sometimes it seems like maybe I’m just typing my little life away into an empty cyberspace – which is rather lonely.  But then one of you comes through, saying things about a million times kinder than I could ever deserve.  You’re warming every nook and cranny in my heart and I’m positively grateful for you!Thank

How ’bout you darlings – what are you feelin’ ‘specially beholden for during this season of thanks?  I want this post to blow the giveaway post out of the water comment-wise! So whether you’re just passing by or if you’re one of my *incredible* regular readers – please take a quick minute to share with us! That way – we can all be filled with warm fuzzy thankfulness together:)  Deal? Deal.


One Response to “Little Miss Gratefulpants”

  1. Leah November 17, 2010 at 12:13 am #

    again… THANK YOU FOR POSTING. i need more friends like you around in my life. well, i guess the word “more” entails that i already have friends, or a friend. which i dont. my boyfriend and my sister are all i have in the lonely state of ohio. but. this is a thankful post. not a soak in a puddle of misery post.
    seriously tho. ur positive attitude would be such an encouragement. even your blogs alone do wonders for me. i could only imagine if we were real in-person friends! hehe.
    lets see… what am i thankful for?
    1. super “christian” of me… i know. but… God. without Him.. what purpose would we all have? i let him down constantly, and yet He’s always there with open arms for me. there aint a person alive that could love me after that many times of hurting.
    2. my stupendous BF Justin. im counting down the days until i can call myself Mrs. Parsons (but seeing as how i have no ring yet… the countdown is kind of an imaginary number.) either way. He’s my best best friend in the whole world. He makes me happy. without him, i dont think i would smile much at all. I duno what I’d do without him.
    3. my absolutely fantabulous sister beth. shes the epitome of amazing sisters. we have probably the greatest sister-sister relationship out there. aside from my man, without a doubt my best friend in the world. love her to death.
    4. GRAY NAIL POLISH! im not gonna lie. i read your post, and bought some the next day at the drug store. it IS sexy! it may be my new color for the fall season. cuz it totally goes with everything.
    5. food. silly, right? but i love food. aside from my boyfriend, i think food makes me smile the second most. how pathetically sad is that? i know. i enjoy the act of eating more than almost anything out there. ugh, i love good food. AAAAND!!! my BF makes THE BEST food out there! he’s an AMAZING chef!! im spoiled rotten by him with how much this guy cooks for me. p.s. totally looking forward to my next trip to panera to try their mac and cheese and mediterranean veggie sandwich! yummo!
    6. this new fall season. its been beautiful around where i live. summer was so stinking hot, i dont remember barely a single day that i actually enjoyed because of how hot it was. i may be a convert from a “summer is my favorite season!” to a “no way, fall is the best season” person. its pretty. it allows for the wearing of really cute sweaters, boots, leggings, and jackets. AND, best of all, i dont sweat away my weight in perspiration every day.

    six may not be as much as you, but its a start. im glad u put the nurses comment as one. cuz, if ur unaware, im in nursing school right now. and i totally wanna be that nurse ur talking about. that.. although it sucks that ur loved one is on the hospital or in a nursing home, at least there are nurses out there that make that stay just that much less awful. i cant wait to make people’s days :)

    if/when i think of more, i will post again!

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