Thankful Notes and Puppy Feasts

17 Nov

*Update 11/21/2010*

Aslan has really taken to that cupcake carrier. Now he just takes it out of storage and opens it up for old times sake. So that’s fun…

*Original Post*

So I’ve got some good news and some bad news…

The good news is that Aslan really loves cupcakes… I daresay as much as his momma.

The bad news?  We found this out the hard way.

Actually, to be more specific, Aslan really loves momma’s homemade buttercream. And we found out by him eating about 3 cups of pink buttercream right off the tops of yesterday’s little birthday beauties

How’d he do it? Fair question.  All we know is at 3pm I left my handy dandy carrier, snapped closed, on the kitchen table (with all the chairs pushed in – for those of you with dog’s who were wondering).  Jer returned at 5 to find the carrier on the ground, one lock popped off (the other 2 intacts) and the 8 leftover cupcakes oddly frostingless… Here’s the crime scene (after the initial shock wore off I had to open it up and see if there were any other hidden clues… also I threw out the nekkie cupcakes bc they were too depressing for this blog):

Our best guess is that he smelled heaven up there, leaped onto the table, pushed the carrier off, pried one of the clasps off, stuck his bony little head in there and went to town.  Perhaps he couldn’t take on all the cupcakes because he was either a) bursting at the seams with buttercream or b) unable to do much chewing and swallowing with his neck squeezed into that tight spot.  However, somehow he managed to get back out unscathed and lick his chops clean of any (pink) evidence.

To be honest, I’m too thoroughly amused (heck – even impressed) to be very mad.  Plus, that little boy is right after his momma’s own heart – how can I hate on him for that?  It kind of reminds me of the time Zoey ate an entire loaf of fresh bread while we went for a quick walk… When a dog gets that lucky, and no permanent harm is done – you gotta admit it’s kind of cute.  I’m also pretty astonished he’s kept all that buttercream down in his tiny furry bellyWell done little guy, well done.

In other news…

I yoinked a cutie/classic Thanksgiving decoration/heartwarmer from one of the blogs I stalk read.  ‘Cept I’m a bum so I took out the portion that required actual work/supplies.  Here’s the end result:

Remember that beauteous jar!  My second-hand shop score for one buckeroo… just chopped up some fun fall scrapbook paper, and voila! We can celebrate the season (and our crazy blessed lives) by simply jotting down what we’re grateful for and popping it in there.

I love it so much that I’m planning on taking a larger version to each of the 3 Thanksgiving dinners we’re attending this year – gotta spread the love!

Furthermore, this is so easy (and pretty) and heartwarming that I fully expect all of you to embrace it.  And share your pics.  Please?

PS: For the more observant, detail-oriented of my readers.  I know this is a foggy shot.  It’s intentional… I’m hiding something embarrassing so please forgive me!  Please see also: I’m too lazy to redo the pic;)

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