Livin’ the Good (Veggie) Life: Dinner Listing

19 Nov

Now for the post you’ve all been waiting for… the start of the quickie veggie meal list!  It’s not all-encompassing *yet* so feel free to add on or wait patiently for more meals to hit me.  Its harder than you might think to remember everything you eat!

But first – another brief preface:

The first 2 years of our marriage I made 2 dinners, every night.  Talk about annoying! But recently, I wised up.  And now we’re a one-dinner family!  Don’t get me wrong – I still haven’t completely converted my meat-lovin’ hubby… but we’ve come a long way – and here’s some of our fave meat-free meals:

  • Tacos! A Webby fave, Jer likes Quorn ‘beef’ crumbles but sometimes I prefer good ol’ refried or black beans… We just cook it up with taco seasoning like you would beef/chicken.  Best served with all the topping! (lettuce, tomato, jalapeno, shredded taco cheese, corn and greek yogurt instead of sour cream!)
  • Marinated Quorn ‘chicken breasts’. These suckers are too good to be true.  I just throw them into a ziploc with marinade of choice for a few hours before cooking them in a pan on the stove.  Seriously heavenly.  They go great with potatoes and asparagus, or as a sandwich.  Really they could replace anything that calls for chicken breast.
  • ‘Chicken’ wraps. Lettuce, tomatoes, onion, cheddar, peppercorn ranch and sliced Boca or Morningstar chicken patties.   Hubs all time fave!
  • Chili. Mmmmm beans!  Lerve ’em!  Good with a yummy roll but watch out because those little beanies expand in your belly so don’t overindulge or you’ll feel that you’ve eaten a pillow.
  • Homemade black bean burgers.  I gotchu baby.  But again, with the beans! Belly-fillers.
  • Spaghetti and ‘meatballs’. I prefer tons of red and a bit of alfredo sauce, but really whip it up however you like.  And maybe you don’t know this but brussel sprouts go wonderfully with pasta…;)
  • Greek Salads – Yeah, I know that’s not necessarily a meal on its own, but served with Quorn’s bangin’ chick’n breasts sauteed with A-1 they can certainly pull their weight.  I recommend an over-indulgence of Kalamata olives, mixed greens, feta, shredded carrots, yellow peppers (or peppercinis) and a drizzle of balsamic or garlic/parmesan vinaigrette. Hello healthy heaven.
  • ‘Pulled pork’ sandwich. You actually just poke the bag and nuke it before scooping it onto a yummy bun.  Mmmmm!
  • Veggie dogs and french fries. Well, curly fries usually. A picture of health.  Usually makes me throw in a salad so I don’t feel so awful about it.
  • ‘Turkey’ dinner… Quorn brand again – called a ‘roast’, this one will knock you meat-lovers’ socks off.  We even fooled our notoriously-faux-meat-foe in laws!  It’s a little more expensive but there’s no freakin’ bones or guts (giblets – that word makes my heart murmur) – just sweet, sweet, nonmeat.
  • ‘Chicken’ Parm. We just cook up some faux chicken patties
  • Veggie Burgers. I prefer .  But thats super boring and you’d be way better off making *this.*
  • Creamy tomato soup and ciabatta. I have a great recipe… That I should really post sometimes.  On it!
  • ‘Hamburger’ helper. Using the Quorn crumbles in place of the moo-moos, but add a bit o’ olive oil to grease it up good for your fave carnivore.  I actually don’t really like this meal – but its another of Jer’s faves so I grin and bear it occassionally.
  • ‘Corndogs’. Actually, thats a lie.  That *was* one of our faves… but silly Morningstar discontinued them.  Sad day!
  • BLTs. Try layin some Morningstar bacon on your typical BLT… less grease – less guilt.
  • Tofurky sandwiches. My fave brand is Tofurky, they have an oven roasted thin sliced version thats mmmm.  I prefer mine with some kind of delicious cheese (Havarti, pepperjack, goat, etc.), pickles, lettuce and tomatoes.  And mustard… lots of mustard.
  • Pizza. As a food blogger, I probably shouldn’t disclose how often we eat pizza.  Let’s just say neither of us seem to get sick of it, and it totally counts as a different meal when Savlatore’s is alternated with homemade (consecutively).  During the summer months when veggies are on the cheap I love me some (semi) homemade veggie pizza

Welp, that’s all I can think of at this particular moment.  I think I shall go join my hubs… who’s been sound asleep since 7:30pm.  Right after this lovely Prince Charles special, called ‘Harmony’ about organic farming and caring for our beautiful Earth is over.  Don’t be jealous of our thrilling lifestyle.

PS) Don’t judge.  I know these include lots of pre-made shortcuts but I never proclaimed to be a cook (baking is my love) and time is never abundant enough for those beateous full-fledged meals of yore.

PSS) Not terribly related – and *definitely* not a secret implication – but feel free to buy this for us – just for future use – because I need it.


2 Responses to “Livin’ the Good (Veggie) Life: Dinner Listing”

  1. Leah November 20, 2010 at 12:21 am #

    THANK U!!!!!! i cant wait to show/make things things to/for justin. maybe he’ll be on board. except.. where on earth do you find this stuff? we definitely dont have Quorn products here. boo :(

    p.s. u know that there are adult “give peas a chance go vegetarian” clothes, right? but u’d rather have it for ur future baby? speaking of which… when may that little blessing be coming about? :)

    • twebby November 21, 2010 at 10:25 pm #

      :-) Glad ya liked the list missy! I buy everything from Wegmans… which is super-sad for you. But most brands have store listings on their websites – like this: I’d guess whole foods/ another major supermarket that carries ‘natural’ products would be your best bet. And honestly, some of the basics like veggie burgers/chick’n patties can be found at walmart/target etc:)

      Good luck and let us know how you make out:)

      PS) Nope – didn’t know that… now I def. want it in an adult version:) And one for the far far away future bebe;)

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