For the Truffala Trees

23 Nov

Conservation and Preservation

In case you are wondering, there is an amazing plethora of resources out there on conservation and preservation.  In the elementary classroom, this topic beautifully melds social studies, ELA and science.  For your future teaching ease I’ve compiled the following resource center:

Main Concepts:

Online Resources:

For Kids:

Green Tips:

The Recyclo-Pedia:

Backyard Conservation:

A Forward-Thinking Website About Rethinking the Way We Live:

A Super Cute (yet meaningful) Cartoon on a More Eco-Friendly Future:

For Adults:

NYS educator workshops:

NYS DEC Green Schools – Recycling/Reducing Program Info:

Keep America Beautiful:

Keep America Beautiful Teacher Toolbox:

Rochester Museum & Science Center’s

Cumming Nature Center’s School Programs:


    • Ecological Communities
    • Intro to Natural Communitites
    • Sensing Nature

Want to Opt Out of Wasteful (and Annoying!) Junk Catalogs?

How ’bout Passing on Those Redundant (and identity theft encouraging) Pre-approved Credit Offers? (seems sketchy @ 1st – but is legit:

My Very Own Senior Paper –

Primary Resources:

Conservation Photo Searchable Database:

Conservation Photos – Conservation International:

Video Compilation (Including speeches, podcasts, newscasts, etc.) :

Nature Conservancy Press Room:

Lesson Plans/ Study Guides

NYS DEC Guided Lessons:

NYS DEC Curriculum Resources:

The Man Who Planted Trees:

The Great Kapok Tree :

3rd Grade – Natural Resources:

Environmental Awareness (The Lorax):

Elementary Ecosystems:

Forest Features:

Preserving Biodiversity (Barbaloot Suits):

National Parks/ Human Impact on Environment:

Ecological Empowerment (includes adult workshop information):

NYS DEC Hudson River:


Barnes and Noble Kid’s Conservation and Preservation Books:’s&N=704189&Ne=704178+704189

Meaningful environmental books (for adults and children):

Environmentally Themed Reading List:

Conservation Jeopardy!

My very own creation, a fun and interactive way to learn about (and create awareness of) this critical topic.  Maybe it makes me a nerd but playing this with the fam/friends is a good time! This game is designed for adults, but feel free to modify it to fit your needs.  Please comment if you have questions on playing, use of the file or need an older powerpoint version.

Conservation and Preservation Jeopardy


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