Hyperlink Glitches in Powerpoint 2007

24 Nov

First, let me say that PowerPoint2007 is sexy.  It absolutely gets the job done… but here’s the thing – when you’re whippin’ up a Jeopardy game – you really need followed hyperlinks to change color. And change the color theme settings all you want – a glitch in Ppt07 means it ain’t gonna happen.   Long story short – lots of searching (and blaming myself) led me to this semi-helpful thread:


And eventually my solution. Tried the hotfix recommended by ‘John SR Wilson’ first. 2 things:

  • A ‘hotfix’ is not nearly as exciting as it sounds.
  • His didn’t solve my problem….  Hyperlinks changed color – but only after I exited the slideshow- meh.

But the vague instructions to uninstall the Security Update KB 982158 WORKED!  Yup, I’m freakin’ pumped.   Alls ya gotta do is find your way into the control panel and use your tired eyes to find the one labeled Security Update KB 982158, right click and uninstall…  Steps look somethin’ like this:

  1. Start
  2. Control Panel
  3. Programs
  4. Programs and Features
  5. Installed Updates
  6. Uninstall and Update
  7. Don’t try to CTRL F or “Search installed updates” just use your handy dandy eyeballs to locate it
  8. Right click
  9. Uninstall
  10. (You’ll have to exit ppt)
  11. BAM! Reopen and you got your very own, most lovely, color changin’ hyperlinks!  Eee!

Yup, that’s it – those are my pre-Thanksgiving recipes for success;)  Night kittens!


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