Cheapie Whiteboards

1 Dec

Hi Darlings!

Does it feel like beautiful, glorious, wonderful winter wherever you are?  I’m usually a grump about the season, until the white, glowy beautiful snow sets in and I’m safely tucked away in our cutie house gleefully gazing out the window at the winter wonderland…  Then I really like it:)

And speaking of white…  how bout the best way to get handy dandy whiteboards into the learnin’ hands of all your little ones?  To the tune of 30 for $10. You might be thinkin’ “You crazy lady, that’s impossible!” False!! I’ve got you covered!!  This ones for all my teacher friends.. here’s all you gots to do:

  1. Head on over to your local Home Depot (one of my new fave stores!).
  2. Find their ’tileboard,’ or whiteboard, inventory.
  3. Grab yourself a giant (8’x10’ish) sheet.
  4. Have Mr. Nice Cutty Man chop it up into good-sized pieces (we did approx. 8.5″x12″s)
  5. Pay your ten dollas and skip off to share the learning goodness with your kiddos – tree-killin’ less!

Optional steps:

  • Realize the only tileboard Home Depot has in stock at the moment has a cracked corner.
  • Get discount for said damage.
  • Encounter confused cashier who rings up tileboard at full price.  Get sent to customer service to correct error.
  • Get back in line for customer service.
  • Wait 14 minutes, sad because your puppy is waiting in the car.
  • Get refunded, pay correct price.
  • Promptly forgive Home Depot because a) you just got 31 whiteboards for $8, b) they didn’t charge you for all those slices, and c) they’ve really had your back in this whole home-fixing process:)


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