How do you measure, measure a life?

19 Dec

You know that love is a gift from up above
Share love, give love spread love
Measure measure your life in love.

A mere 23 minutes into my 24th year (or is it 25th if I turned 24?) I had a feeling it would be a good one.

Now 2 days in I know it to be true. Very good indeed.

The events of the past few days have warmed my heart to the point of near-exploding (in a good way).   Or perhaps that is the zebra Fuzzie Wuzzie that I have donned, permanently.  Yes, a Fuzzie Wuzzie is exactly what you’re hoping: the softer, fuzzier and less-stick-to-your-nails/hangnails cousin of the Snuggie.  With a cuter name and happier customers.  I know, I own both, both in animal prints and one so CLEARLY superior.

But, I digress.

Here’s some key characteristics of the good life (both materialistic and non-):

  • Zebra Fuzzie Wuzzies (duh)
  • A house full of laughter.  Friendly, happy, relaxed laughter.
  • Prettyful boxes full of petite and delightful cookies (think macaron, GLITTER BALLS, and pain d’epices – cookie version – and then catch the drool running out of the corner of your mouth – kthanks.)
  • Santa-suit red nail polish*
  • Chocolate drips. Everywhere.  And a belly full of melty warm and deliciouso cheese.
  • Gold lockets.  On a lariat.  With a leaf motif.  Jewelry made specifically for Tessah:)
  • Candy cane martinis and Scroodgedrivers…
  • Sequin purses.  Of the *over the top uh-mazing variety:  of which dreams are made
  • Additions to your gorgeous nativity scene.   Specifically wise men and star backdrops;)
  • Giant, homemade wreathes.
  • Lip glosses.  Can’t go into details for all the wrong reasons.
  • Eating Coldstone cupcakes with your cutest-possible grandparent. Who, at the moment, fingers-crossed, are *not* in the hospital:)
  • The ever-caring, ever-kind, ever-patient with his wife and adoptive children husband.  Who is even willing to attempt to cheer up 3 crying grown women.  Bold move sir, bold move.
  • Studded bracelets that remind you of reindeer for no apparent reason.
  • Sleeping puppies.  Who melt your heart daily.
  • The Awesome Book of Thanks.  A must read in the Mrs. Webb classroom.
  • Chocolate mocha birthday cakes.  With wand candles preferably.
  • Darling friends. Don’t care if it’s repetitive.  Mine are.  Unfortunately, they also happen to be in high demand and the rest of the world keeps trying to steal them.  Boo.
  • North face coats.  Of the cute yet warm variety:

  • Friends that plan your bday around a theme of sparkling.  And glitter. And sequins. That’s true friendship just FYI.
  • Gift cards for everything you sometimes are maybe too cheap to buy for yourself… ie) Dunkin’ Donuts, Movies, and dinner!
  • Freakin’ stellar retro christmas tree shaped COOKIE JARS*.   Accck!
  • Full out sequin-covered skirts* (sensing a theme here?)  In a entirely unrealistic yet oddly fitting size-
  • Old school mouse-ear sweater.  That I want to wear everyday, with my sequin skirt.  That’s cool right?
  • GLEE for the Wii*.  Heart attack.
  • Clark boots that make your feet warm and dry. Forever.
  • Playing Things.  Without the game.  But with 32 individual whiteboards.
  • Good food with good people. Back to back and all through the season.
  • Loving words on your facebook.  From lots and lots of near and far kittens.
  • Christmas music.  ‘Specially Mariah Carey style.  Lerve it.
  • Pashminas.  The big, fat, soft kind.

*’specially if it comes from a dear and lovely friend

And that, dear ones, that is how you measure a life.

… Insert spoiled brat comments here.  It’s true.  I’m spoiled rotten and I don’t deserve even a tiny bit of it.  I’m just gonna keep wallowing in it though k?  Please don’t stop coming back though!


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