The halls are decked.

20 Dec

Hi Kittens!

I swear I’ve had these decorations up since right after Thanksgiving.  I’ve just waited til the last minute to post about them.  Let’s blame it on the gifts I’ve been opening wrapping.  And those cookies to be eaten baked – I’ve been a busy girl!

Anyways, here are our easy-peasy decor, on the cheap.

1.) Nativity scene. Yup, reason for the season’s gotta come 1st:)  This has been an ongoing birthday gift for me.  And I love it more and more every time I look at it.

2.) Bowl o’ Ornaments… Already owned trifle bowl full of dollar store glittery ornaments.  Total cost: $2.

3.) Mother of all wreathes. Detailed here.  Costed about $70.  Should last foreverish. Count it.

4.) Candy canes… everywhere. Champagne flutes, already owned, candy canes = $1.

4.) Peppermint candies in martini glasses. Cute + Cute= Cuter. Already owned glasses, peppermints= $2.

5.) Glittery candle in reused vase filler/glass plate. Sensing a sparkalicious pattern here? Candle = $3 clearanced @ Michaels, rest= reused.

6.) Dollar store glittery ornaments set on a combination of hand-me-down and goodwill candlesticks. Total cost: $1. Booyah.

7.) Ladder Shelf Party:  ladder shelves are most excellent for decorating.  Lots of open, out-of-doggie-reach, on display space.  During December here’s what ours’ looks like:

I bought the wicker baskets on clearance from Michaels a few weeks ago, 3 for about $8.  The most adorable tinsel reindeer was also clearanced for $4 @ Michaels.  Remember those goodwill glass jars?  Don’t they look Christmasey packed with yummy candy ($8ish).  The gorgeous poinsetta was a gift from Grammy and the birchbark vase cover was from a dear friends wedding so = free!.  Running that ladder shelf’s grand total around $20ish. $8 of which I will promptly consume.

8.) Cutest cookie jar ever. It’s retro, its a hidey-hole for treats, and its from the same dear friend as the birch bark vase….  Love her!  Sorry – no store/price information for ya’ll to hunt it down;)

9.) Our homemade, love-filled stockings. Ala momma.  Bravo, mom, bravo.  We got these for our 2nd married Christmas… The first one I used puffy paint on dollar store felt stockings. Upgrade me.

10.) Jer’s gingerbread house. Hubs got to make this at work.  With his coworkers.  During work hours.  Yes, life is unfair.  Let’s all just try to get past our jealousy and be happy for him. And for Aslan, for not eating it yet.

11 and beyond.) The rest of our decor are 100% hand-me-downs from when my Gramma and Gramps moved out of their old (and glorious) farmhouse.  Aside from being free, they hold some of my finest and dearest memories…

Isn’t that last one your favorite thing ever too? Oh Mr. and Mrs. Claus you melt my heart.

Well, that’s just about all the decorations up in here (not including our tree (that could be a p0st of its own, ‘specially since I recently was gifted THREE VINTAGE, CRAZY ADORABLE, OVER THE TOP CUTE CUPCAKE ORNAMENTS (*shouting in excitement*), or a particular reindeer apron which absolutely is a decoration in all its childsize glory, or our gingerbread man potholder, or the snowmen towels, ok you get the idea – it’s the lionshare).  Hope you enjoyed your tour and if you’ve got more excellent holiday decor idears, please share!

Love, love, love and MERRY CHRISTMAS Y’ALL!!


2 Responses to “The halls are decked.”

  1. Wendy December 20, 2010 at 2:17 pm #

    Such cute decorations!! I came home last night, and cannot wait to see your cute decorations in person… mostly you and the girls though. I hope to see you before Christmas, there’s alot going on as far as Christmas shopping with dad/ family stuff…. wuv you.

  2. Oyin December 20, 2010 at 3:56 pm #

    Soooo cute Tessah! I’m seriously hiring you as my interior decorator whenever I buy a house. xoxoxo!

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