Organizing Bookmarks – Pain In the Arse

2 Jan


Started the new year out with an ambitious tackling of the bookmark ‘folder.’  Where folder means pile of insanity.  Tons of research resulted in no (findable) free programs that sort your bookmarks for you on Chrome (COME ON PEOPLE!!) so I bucked up and did it by hand.  And (too many) hours later – here are the folders that triumphed.

I did use a  bit of Atomic Bookmarks 2 (an extension for Chrome) but its not too different than Chrome’s bookmark manager.  Other than that, the only highly useful extension I can recommend is Bookmark Sentry which did a stellar job of quickly and smoothly hacking out all my repetitive and broken links (mostly the result of careless bookmarking and abandoning delicious (whose rumored to be going down soon).

Please note that I was searching for a program to ORGANIZE (declutter) my bookmarks (I was thinking by content – like crawling the pages, assessing topics and then categorizing by major themes) NOT one to sync or share my bookmarks.  I see the value in the latter but it’s just not imperative to my productivity at this point.

I’m still entirely befuddled on why google bookmarks and chrome bookmarks are independent and not easily reconcilable (preventing me from quickly utilizing YAGBE and Diigo required and account set up which I was too frustrated at that point to bother with.

And with that excitement – off to address thank you notes!


2 Responses to “Organizing Bookmarks – Pain In the Arse”

  1. Stevie January 3, 2011 at 7:06 am #

    Just a quick thought on your “blogs” folder – have you tried Google reader for that? I’m more or less addicted. It’s pretty quick to set up and it helps keep track of what’s what. Saves a lot of time keeping up with blogs. (And you can add tumblrs too!) Ok, end advertisement! :)

    • twebby January 3, 2011 at 5:21 pm #

      Hey yeah – good call! On it!!

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