Meet the newest Baby Webby.

28 Jan

I know I said I would stop apologizing for disappearing for long periods of time.  But you must know, I really *am* sorry.  I miss you guys!  But I have a legit excuse.  Not involving school (oka fine, student teaching is a huge excellent part).

So here’s the deal.  Jer and are have lost our minds.  It didn’t just happen though – it’s really old news.  Every time we start to feel settled and life verges on normalcy we go on and do something positively nonsensical.  Once upon a time it was moving to Oklahomie, then it was getting married at age 21, followed promptly by 4 moves in 2 years and a masters degree/job hunt/puppy adoption in the midst.  Oh yes, and the whole finding/buying a house in less than 60 days.  Bah.  I’m sure I’m missing a fair amount in the midst… but you get the idea eh?

So the new addition – got em’ 2 weeks ago… 3 days before student teaching started (good call there ;]).  He was 9 pounds then, but now he’s 13.4.  And the name’s Wally.  Short for Walrus.  Walrus Webb.  After a very dear friend and the movie we watched on our honeymoon:)

Now for the fun part….

Can you tell?  He’s got monster paws!  And kankles:)  Puppy kankles…. cuteness.  Why kankles you ask?

‘Cuz he’s a fun little mix.  We got him off petfinder.  Just like little Aslan… it’s the best!  But this time we drove a little further.  Five and half hours each way to be exact.  Leaving here at 6pm – again with the good calls.   Oh so anyways – you ready for this?  Little bugger’s a great dane/ standard poodle mix.  Needless to say we’re in for some fun times ahead:)

And I suppose he won’t always be able to sleep in the reusable shopping bag…  Or be smaller than goober #1.

In fact, since we took these pictures a week ago, he’s pretty much caught up with big brother. And he’s had some major life events… like his first bath!!

And the fateful vet appointment where we finally figured out why little guy could inhale a whole bowl of water and then literally pee every five minutes for an hour.  Large amounts too!  Darn those UTIs… I feel for you little man.  And to think he’s hardly had any accidents (we were taking him out an unreal amount – because he always whimpered in warning).  And he’s just now 11 weeks old!  Bravo, little Walrus, bravo!

Oh and one other important fact… he’s a groaner.  Every time he snuggles up to take a nap he turns into an old man groan machine.  I’m going to do my darndest to get a video because I, for one, had never heard anything like it!  Until then, please enjoy just one more pic, seeing as he’ll be growing at a rate that’s visible each day.  Yup, as in, visible growth overnight.  Whoa babies.

Thanks for forgiving me in my absence little ones.  xoxo.


4 Responses to “Meet the newest Baby Webby.”

  1. Traci January 28, 2011 at 11:41 pm #

    I love your pictures!! They are so freakin cute! I missed your blog while I was in Dubai, I thought I just stopped receiving them for some reason but Im glad your back! I can’t wait to see how big Wally’s gotten in just a week! I’ll be there Tuesday! :)

  2. Eliza and Matt January 29, 2011 at 1:31 am #

    We love Walrus!!!

  3. leah January 30, 2011 at 1:18 am #

    love!!!!!!!! he’s so stinkin cute!! congrats!!


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