Toad in the Hole!

21 Feb

Well actually, toads in the hole.  Or toads in the holes.  Or something.

Let me be clear. This post wins the best recipe title [ever].  In fact, even if you don’t love farm fresh local eggs and sourdough (you’re wierd) you should still probably make these… if only because they have the cutest name ever.  Also they’re perfect snow-in-sleepover-nosh.  Which will totes buy you a few more minutes with a loved one peacing out of town.

Please see also; they’re stupid delicious. One of those why-didn’t-i-think-of-this-delicious-and-so-freakin’-obvious-thing-sooners?

And you know what else?  They’re so easy even Miss Follow-The-Recipe-To-A-T can handle it from memorization.  True story.

So here’s the deal:

  1. Pick up some eggs from the adorable local farmers who meet you every other Saturday to sell you one dozen brown eggs.
  2. Make some rockin’ sourdough. I say this part is easy because I’m yet to do it.  In fact, Miss Stevie brings me sourdough legit weekly.  Talk about manna from heaven.  In fact my disgusting love for her loaves can be evidenced here.  (Should be embarrassing but instead my mouth is watering…)
  3. Slice it up into some honkin’, sexy slices.
  4. Cut a little holey in it.  If you’re not classy enough to have an appropriately shaped cutter, try a shot glass.  And, for heaven’s sake, pretend I didn’t come up with that idea and attempt convince you that it actually works really well.  Because I would do no such thing.
  5. Heat up a nonstick pan with a healthy dab of butter.  Where healthy means artery-clogging and dab means glob.
  6. Lay your slices out, carefully cracking an egg into each hole.  Don’t worry if there’s the occasionally escapee. They’ll still taste delightful.
  7. Let em’ fry til they’re lightly golden, flip and cook to your desired egg doneness.
  8. Embrace every moment of your house smelling like heaven.
  9. Inhale promptly.  These babies are delish with everything, from fruit, to a light salad, to Irish Cream Mocha Crunkcases.  Hey – who said that!?
  10. Prepare yourself for the onslaught of admirers who are now going to use you for your to-die-for-breakfast-makin’-skills.

See wasn’t that easy kittens?  Now go get ’em! No excuses. Or regrets.  Or anything like that.


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