Bailey’s Mocha Crunkcakes

26 Feb

Ok so remember the other day when I convinced you to make Mocha Cupcakes?

I have something to admit.  I was kind of holding out on you.  I just wasn’t sure that the world was ready for this… But here goes:

Mocha Cruncakes …

with Bailey’s Shots… Um, yeah.

One look and I bet you smart folks can figure out the recipe:

  1. Make mocha cupcakes.
  2. Generously frost with a very sturdy frosting (we used a different recipe this time – it held it’s ‘inventory’ very well but didn’t keep well and wasn’t nearly as fluffy and delish and the one I gave on the Mocha Cupcakes post.
  3. Shove a plastic shot glass in.
  4. Fill with Baileys while giggling at the entire process.
  5. Decorate to your hearts desire.
  6. Consume and simultaneously appreciate the Irish.

These are perfect Saint Patrick’s day obv.  And every other day too, just in case you were wondering.  And a side note – I bought the cutest EVER tiny Bailey’s for these.  And I’m a little perturbed with myself for not capturing that in the photographs.  I have no idea what’s wrong with me.  Just imagine how cute it would’ve been to stick one right on a cupcake.  Gah, I guess I’ll just have to make ’em again for you all. Out of the goodness of my heart…


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