Walrus Update

2 Mar

I gots me 3 of the cutest boys in the WHOLE entire world.  An I just figured you all might want some photo-updates:)

The first bath.


He sometimes suffers from narcolepsy…

But we never discourage naptime

Even in the middle of the day:)

But don’t worry, big brother is still getting TONS of love:)

And since it’s been so butt-numbingly cold out… the boys sometimes have to wear their warm woolies when we go for our walks:)

Our little boy is such a good walker he doesn’t even need a leash!  Far cry from his Olympic-sprinter of a brother!

Toldja they were the cutest.   ‘Specially when they’re not trying to gnaw on the hardwood floor or the glass panes in the house.  And by they I obv. mean little/big stinker.

Bedtime for me and my 3 baby boys…Night kittens!


2 Responses to “Walrus Update”

  1. Wendy March 2, 2011 at 10:14 pm #

    I love how long his legs are!!! And I can’t believe he’s bigger than Aslan already!

    (I know I can’t start a sentence with “and”, don’t judge me.)

  2. Robert R. March 10, 2011 at 3:47 pm #

    Hey Wif,

    So what I’m about to say is awkward… but I hope not creepy? I just spent a few hours messing with your face in photoshop. You see, I’m a teacher of computer graphics and I watched a tutorial today on some ways in which to employ some editing techniques I hadnt yet tried today.

    After doing so I searched “Acne” with large images selected, and faces only on Google image search. Your picture was one of the few I selected for practice on how to touch up faces. Mostly because it wasnt a professionally tweaked photo.

    I noticed the post it was linked to in which you expressed some unhappiness with your Acne (with diagrams). I’d just like to share with you my final results and say a couple of things:

    Firstly, though my search for ‘acne’, I want to encourage you that you are a beautiful woman. I’m sure you’re husband tells you often, but I know from my best friend’s wife “that doesnt count, because he has to say that”. So many women dont realize their own beauty, and as Peter points out, turn to adorning themselves with “Elaborate hairstyles, Gold jewelry and fine clothes”. It is a rare woman that has true inner beauty and I, through a cursory reading of your blog, see your love of life.

    Secondly, I think it’s both serendipitous and encouraging that the very person I chose is also a believer. It’s always awesome to see that there are brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world. Especially those that are producing intersting things with their minds and hands!

    God Bless, and please to enjoy:

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