Wedding – Pt. 1 – Bridesmaids

15 Mar

I’m spending the day on the couch.  Trying to reason whether I did, in fact, get run over by a train yesterday. Because I’m simply not sure how else I could end up feeling this rotten. Perk of pukeyness?  Time to blog!

Not sure if you know this tidbit, but I got married when I was 21.  And kinda naive/ridiculously clueless.  But thanks to my over-the-top amazing friends and family, and my innate sense of cheapness/OCD planning skills – we were able to pull off the wedding of our dreams.  For like a million dollars less that typical.  One of my proudest achievements to date:)  And hence, absolutely worth sharing!

Of course, way, way, WAY to much goes into a wedding to cram into one post, so instead I’m hoping to break it up into bite-size chunks, starting with one of the most prettiful parts of wedding planning – BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES! I know I have briefly touched on this topic before, but allow me to elaborate…

Bridesmaid dress shopping can be beastly.  Because face it, picking an affordable and ‘gettable’ (for girls around the country/world), not to mention flattering for lots of body types, dress in your dream color is an insane undertaking.  But, the proof is in the pudding, it CAN be done:)  See:


Are they not the prettiest, loveliest, most vibrant bridesmaids you ever laid your peepers on?

Can we also talk about how sexy they all look?  I insist.

Even their backs are stunning.  So is it any wonder that I nearly popped with joy at the sight of them?

I will certainly not admit how many hours I spent searching for these dream dresses, but my secret was not limiting myself to ‘bridesmaids dresses.’ I had absolutely no luck at David’s Bridal and the price of fancy-pants brands (like Watters, JCrew, and BariJay) made my heart shudder.  These girls were in college just like me and to spend over $100 on a dress they’d never wear again seemed to cruel a punishment.  I also dreamed of finding a dress they could wear again, and I have proof that, for at least a few of them, that really worked!

Once I opened my search to all green dresses in general I had much, much, better luck.  I had the most success at conglomerate sites that carry more than one brand, like Dillards and  Plus, these sites usually let you search by color.  I also found it helpful to pour over others’ wedding photos at sites like theknot or so I could better wrap my brain around what I even liked.  That’s how I ended up with grass green in the first place.

Nowadays there are amazing websites like and polyvore that make compiling your ideas a breeze (just comment here if you’d like me to ‘invite’ you to Pinterest!).  But back in the stone age when we got married I used a boring old word doc with prices and pictures that also served as links to the dresses online.   bridesmaid compilation I also suggest price shopping a bit after you find a dress you love, doesn’t hurt to check!

If you’re wondering about specifics – we ended up in a Maggy London chiffon and silk halter in ‘absynthe’ that was around $70 including shipping.  I found halters to be impressively shape shifting and flattering for all my girlies (thanks to lots of try-on sessions with my Tulsa girls just to get an idea of cuts).  Plus, like I’ve said before, Maggy London makes class dresses that are impressively  high quality.

And sure, it was scary telling 9 of my baby girls (from OK, to NY, to Sweden) to order a dress that I’d never seen in real life to wear on the biggest day of my life, but it was a risk I was willing to take after finding NOTHING that they could all try on at a local store.  Plus, I advised them to order a few sizes if they weren’t sure, because returning is a HECK of a lot easier than finding another size of a clearance dress.

Overall, I was thrilled with our dresses – totally worth the hours of obsessive searching.  And if you’re only going to leave this post with 2 pieces of advice – let it be this:

1 –  you should search beyond ‘bridesmaids dresses.’ It doesn’t matter if it’s a freakin’ prom dress, as long as it works for you and your girls – to heck with the producers’ nomenclature.

And 2 – use a site like pinterest to make searching, and sharing, infinitely easier!

G’luck my little engaged kittens!




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