Skin Update, The Whole Schmorgasboard

15 Mar

Believe it or not, I think I’ve gone a whole week or 2 without having one of those super-painful blemishes. And for me, that’s a small wonder.  Heaven knows I haven’t got it all figured out but since my lastest method of avoiding those buggers seems to be working I figured I’d share.  Especially since I now know that a few of you sweetheart readers actually care about/utilize my skin experiences.

Plus, I’ve got to admit I’m pretty lazy about the whole process, I never do it exactly like the founder recommends.  Instead, I use my own facewash, once a day, and then put about a pea size amount of ‘the treatment’ before bed, rubbing it in for only about 30 seconds.  I also use the jojoba oil in combo with a super duper  Oil of Olay moisturizer to keep my super-dry skin in check.

I’ve tried to really consider other factors too, eliminating any hair products (especially shampoo/conditioners) and makeup that seems to aggravate my easily-agitated skin. This felt like a waste of $$$, since I was setting aside good products that seemed to work well with exception to their potentially pimply aftermath (ie – these dove ones, and tons of my old foundations.)  I’m now using both John Frieda and Pantene Pro-V’s brilliant brunette shampoos and conditioners.  And as far as coverup/foundation I’m thrilled with Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfector.  It stays on much better than past foundations and definitely doesn’t exacerbate my acne.  Unfortunately, it’s a itty bitty container so next time I might try their makeup under the same name.

Then there’s something else that seems to have helped my skin.   Something terribly embarrassing and not fun to blog about.  But whatever, I’ve always been up-front with you all, and if it helps even one person, it’s worth it right?  Right.  So that said, I’ve finally taken steps to get my anxiety under control.  Yes, its ludicrous that someone as blessed as I have been, is anxious, but be that as it may – I am.  And when it started to feel like it was taking over my life I finally got some help. I’m on some meds, and with the incredible support of my sweet, sweet hubs, and a grace-filled Father, I think it’s really improving – which is in turn having a positive effect on my skin.  Win, win eh!?

So there’s the whole gamut, everything I’ve changed in hopes of clear skin, and at the moment, thank you Jesus – it’s working!  I’d love to hear from you guys – any tips, thoughts, cupcake recipes, etc, etc;-).


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