Vegetarian Quickie Snacks

27 Mar

My brain is smooshy today. I think it’s the combination of a) sinus infection b) upper respiratory tract infection c)honkin’ amoxycillin horse pills d) class all day today, yes SATURDAY e) aforementioned class being about capstone, a terrifying topic that i don’t care to discuss at the moment.

So based on that smooshy-ness I’m going to forego any depth in this post and stick to the facts. And just blabber about one of my fave activities – eating.

Delightfully Veggie Snackies

~Greek yogurt – the possibilities here are endless!

  • you can buy it flavored…  and there are some killer versions that come with a little side dipping area of yumminess –
  • throw some toasted walnuts and dried berried into the plain variety – Splenda too if you’ve got a wicked sweettooth like some of us)
  • with any variety of dippers! like veggie chips, edamame sprinkles with sea salt, etc.

~Wolfgang Puck’s Lentil Soup – looks freaky – tastes heavenly.  And as per my m.o. topped with greek yogurt.

~Peanut butter on most anything.  Gotta love the classics – apple slices/ celery & raisins – bonus points if you know what that’s called!

~Veggeroni and cream cheese on baguettes.

~Hummus. Dip most things in this too.  Or mix it up with chopped carrots and brocolli and pack a pita – got you’self a winner!

~Bruschetta. ‘Nuff said.

~Lucky cupcakes. These aren’t really ‘quick’ per say.  But I felt compelled to include them in my blog immediately.  Perhaps I’ll yoink the whole post soon?

~Potato chips and cottage cheese – better than it sounds!  I recommend light Ruffles and 1% cc:)  Pretzels are also suitable for dipping in creamy goodness:)

~Green Machine SuperJuice. For when you need something green and over-the-top fortified please and thank you.

~Cinnamon chips and fruit salsa. Takes some prep but is well worth the effort.  Yummalicious.

~Smoothies. Again – a blank slate.  Here’s a nice listing of some easy, dairy-free versions…

~Sorbet. With chopped-up Snickers.  Because sometimes ya just gotta be your own Coldstone.

~Giant soft pretzels dipped in queso. Hey – nobody said these would all be healthy!

~Chocolate frozen yogurt (or pudding!) topped with grapes.

~Cocoa dusted almonds. Same nutritional info as regular ones – HELLO,PEOPLE!! May I also recommend Cinnamon Roast and Cinnamon Brown Sugar?

~Chocolate almond milk (I just squirt the Hershey’s stuff into my Blue Diamond) and graham crackers.

~Graham crackers and fluff (will also substitute for dessert in a pinch;])


~Exciting popcorn. Can be achieved with chili powder, parmesan cheese, cinnamon & sugar… more specific recipes here and here.

~Quinoa. This generally curious food (odd in both appearance and spelling) is actually quite delicious and healthy.  My momma makes it best – with just a dash of olive oil, lemon juice, chopped carrots and tomatoes.  It’s also happy to be topped with greek yogurt – but who wouldn’t be?

There’s more… but my brain just turned into a pumpkin. Or gourd.  Or something of the like.  Night babies.  And happy snacking!!


2 Responses to “Vegetarian Quickie Snacks”

  1. SecondNature September 17, 2011 at 4:21 pm #

    My mouth is watering. What wonderful snack suggestions!

    • twebby September 18, 2011 at 9:24 pm #

      Thanks for stopping by and for the sweet comment:) Glad you enjoyed!

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