And she’s back…

28 Jun

Have I seriously not posted since Easter?  Ooooo that’s more embarrassing than I thought – and I knew it was pretty bad.  Oopsies!

Well… anywho here we are where we’ve always been.

Me apologizing profusely for going and leaving you hanging.  You fed up with the vicious cycle of abandonment and smothering love.

Me fumbling with excuses, you – jaded by reality seeing right through me.

Me getting all dramatic and you not really having noticed being rather busy with your own lives and less than enamored with my sparkles and cupcakes and puppies. Those weird cricket noises I hear when I come to check on the little blog.

Toldja- right back to normal.

Peace offering?

I brung photographs.  Mostly to substantiate my excuses – seeeeeeee – I swear I’ve been real busy!

‘Cuz see I been all kinds of preoccupied…  You know with –

Training puppies…  Big puppies.  Giant breed puppies in fact.  Well, actually just one.  Thank heavens.

Taking over the rooftops of New York…  (With my secret squad of superheros).

Throwing fabulous pink parties … WITH POM POMS!


Gradumacating… For the third time.  Can’t get enough of those student loans!

Attending fairy tale weddings…

Hanging out with Joshie…  

Visiting far-off and mystical lands…  (PS – this is from our balcony – I know right!)

Flying through rainforest canopies…

Making kissy faces in snorkeling gear…

Playing in the mud…

Eating copious amounts of food…

Making baskets…  Out of palm fronds!

Following directions…

Galloping the globe with a male model…

Captaining a pirate ship…  Or catamaran.

And last, but certainly not least, sailing on home to you all:)

See? Told you I’ve been a busy bee!


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