18 Jul

Not sure if it’s just my browser, or if wordpress is on the fritz, but if you’re having trouble viewing any of my posts try clicking on their heading and reading them from that page. I also can’t see my latest post on my homepage, so click here to read it: Homemade Laundry Detergent (if it’s MIA on your browser too!)

I guess it’s just wonky Monday!

Love, Tessah

UPDATE 08/02/2011

Since the wonkiness hadn’t disappeared a couple of weeks later, I decided to take matters into my own hands.  And by that I mean I googled solutions and was almost stumped until I stumped onto this handy article:



The first solution they discuss *totally* cleared up my spacing/viewing issues (once I figured out where ‘Settings’ and ‘Reading’ were located – on the wayyy bottom left-hand menu).  I guess I brought in some oddball code somehow but removing anything that said ‘div’ made the post, and my blog way happier!

PS) my blog symptoms were huge awkward spacing and disappearing posts, with most issues appearing on the top of the page at the ‘most recent’ post.  Plus, my sidebar was mysteriously missing.


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