A few of my favorite things: Summer Lovin’

2 Aug

Hello from the summer(wedding)loving couple!

Good afternoon ladies and gents(?),

Thought I’d take a moment to share a glimpse into my littlest joys in life*, cheery things around the house that make the days of unemployment and hospitalized grandparents a little perkier.

Fresh fruit smoothies (with Greek yogurt), my lunch literally every day since a high school pal introduced me to this radical idea that YOU CAN PUT BALL JARS DIRECTLY ONTO YOUR BLENDER BASES PEOPLE. don’t even act like that didn’t deserve all caps.


So this might just look like a pile of garbage to the untrained eye, but please realize that this glorious compost-in-the-making is actually the remnants of many delicious meals, leftovers from a bountiful, fresh, and local summer eating schedule. Heck to the yes.








Posies, posies, everywhere!? If you don’t lerve fresh flowers than you might just be the grinch. I’m just sayin’. These are, in no particular order, cut zinnias from a friend, zins and double petunias in our little pathway jardin, our (please not not dead this year) hanging basket, and a loverly but mysterious tropical flower from one of my darling 5th graders.



A sea glass steal from Christmas Tree Shop waiting to be ruffle-fied.



Floaties built for 2. Or something like that;)


Mermaid nails (Gelish Sea Foam with glitter!!) on sun-kissed skin.


My sunhat. Because I’ve made the executive decision that its both posh and intelligent. So there.


The next homemade, cash-money-savin’ project: dishwasher detergent. And yes, that’s lemonade kool-aid, bet you’re interested now huh:)?


My new bikini (!!!cuteness and booty-covering score!!) and stripey pink flamingo beach towel and big puppy brother, who was compelled to hop into this shot at the last minute.



“Wait momma, I want to be on the internets too!! Ohhhh this would be a great place to plop down. What? Not so good for you? But look how cute I am!”

*If these photos look a lil funky to you, it’s because they are. So what if I like to tweak every pic I take on the iPad;)


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