Planetary Cupcakes

19 Oct

Who says science can’t be delicious?  Not moi!

Sometimes us teachers have to be creative.  You know, how can we call goodies in the classroom educational.  Er, I mean, how can we make learning fun…

So anyways… I made these a couple of years ago (back in my earlier cupcake days) for a bunch of adorable 2nd graders who had stolen my heart and were studying the solar system at the time.

There’s not necessarily a recipe that goes with this post… I used my favorite cupcake recipe, and then tweaked the sizes the best I could to parallel planet sizes.  (Obviously, these aren’t even CLOSE to ‘to scale,’ but I focused more on relative size [you know, Jupiter being the big oaf of a cupcake and Mercury the bitty baby]).  I made a double batch, partly to feed all the hungry mouths, and partly so I would have enough cupcakes to make a whompin’ sun.

I also know Pluto is no longer a ‘planet.’  ‘Cept I had a cutie-pie little guy in my class who was outspoken on his love for Pluto.  A little guy who didn’t say much else.  It was almost like he related with that little guy on the outside of the planet clique.  So in his honor, I make a tiny bitty cupcake with a tiny bitty candy representing ‘Pluto’ on it.  And that particular little kiddo just about exploded with joy when he saw that ‘Pluto’ cupcake, in turn melting my old, mushy heart.

Back to the topic at hand.  You’ll also need copious amounts of food coloring.  Yeah, yeah, I know – dyes and badness.  Pish, posh, all is forgiven in the name of learning silly kittens!

Plus, this way licking knives results in awesome (makeupless) pics with a sexy blonde;)

Go get your learning cupcakes on!


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