Goodwill Treasures

11 Nov

Happy Friday, 11/11/11 and Veteran’s Day kittens!

First, and by far most importantly, HUGE thank you to the incredible men and women who bravely protect the safety and liberties of those us of here at home, past and present.  There are no words that do justice to our gratitude.  This thank you also extends to their supportive and loving families who suffer heartache unimaginable day in and day out.  Know you’re in our prayers too!

And on a lighter note…  I think I’ve mentioned it before on here, and I get the feeling it’s a common blogger tendency…  I positively LOVE goodwill.  Every time I pass one I have a near uncontrollable urge to just ‘pop in’ and see what they’ve got and more often than not, when I give in to that impulse, I leave with a treasure, ready and willing to be upcycled into something lovely.  This kind of treasure hunt has been the inspiration for several of my Etsy projects.  It’s also been a key contributor to our first home’s ‘hominess.’  I always have aspirations of sharing my finds and upcycling adventures, but all too often my laziness ends with Twitter posts instead of proper blogging.

Today, I’m here to promptly rectify this.  Sure, it might be with low-quality cell phone pictures taken outside in a terribly-in-need-of-a-rake backyard… but nonetheless, to rectify…

My latest project:  


A $7 shelf, with peeling poo-brown paint….

Gone grey.

I love, love, love, goodwill hunting.  To me, it’s like finding diamonds in the rough, breathing new life to someone’s old, forgotten treasures, and letting them become treasures in a new right, instead of heading to the landfill.  Perhaps I’m being overly-romantic about material goods, but it’s something I really enjoy, can you tell?  What do you think guys, likey?



One Response to “Goodwill Treasures”

  1. eliza November 11, 2011 at 1:43 pm #

    Nice work TEssah!!!

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