14 Nov

Lately it’s really been occurring to me –  I have SO much to be grateful for, its honestly incomprehensible.  Admitedly, my life is terribly far from perfect, but in many ways, it’s pretty much perfect for me.  Oxymoronic?  Perhaps, but truthful nonetheless.

So to kick off this season of thanksgiving, I wanted to share with you all some of the things I’m incredibly joyful to have in my life:

  • a safe and comfortable home, which is the outcropping of unending support from both of our parents and the ability to enjoy such the result of the protection of our selfless troops around the world.
  • incredible, creative, and thoughtful friends, who point out things like my birthday falling on the same day as “Chocolate Covered Anything” day, (coincidence?  I think not).
  • greek yogurt.  again, I know it’s a little thing, and I probably shouldn’t love it so.  but I do.  it’s flippin’ delicious and protein packed so it’s rightfully gained a staple-stance in my diet repertoire.  Try it as a substitute for sour cream on your next taco and you’ll see what I’m getting at!  See number 7 on this odd (#81 add pureed carrots to health-ify your peanut butter… huh), but interesting article from Men’s Fitness (don’t judge.)
  • loving families.  Where on Earth would we be without them!?
  • old friends, who’ve seen you through the good, bad and ugly, and are still around for the obscene teal piano moving in a tiny cape cod with tight corners and couples dinner parties full of love, crazy delicious food and laughter
  • new friends, with shared callings and passion for becoming a great educator (who coincidentally shares my chocolate-covered birthday, year and all – crazy right!?)
  • lovely, ornate inherited china from my late and Great Aunt Lillian, perfect for hosting aforementioned dinner parties..
  •, because there is something inherently glorious about a community of crafters and DIYers sharing their creativity with the world.
  • cranberry pills. popping one a day has kept my urinary tract on track (sorry – couldn’t resist).  also, sorry if thats TMI, but freedom from UTIs (without tons of antibiotics) is freakin’ spectacular!
  • snuggles from ma dawgs.  As part of my new Happiness Resolutions (ala previous bullet re. The Happiness Project) I try to never miss an obvious opportunity for puppy cuddles.  That means I start, and end, each day with a warm heart, with lots of chances for pick-me-ups throughout the day.
  • Glee and Skype.  Those two combined help me stay in touch with two of my sweethearts, and that’s downright excellent.


*Please note, this list is just the TIP of the iceberg in the abundance of blessings that is my life.

What are you all extra super duper full of gratuity for in this season of your life?


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