Egg McMuffin

5 Jan

I’m probably not supposed to use that phrase – since it’s TMed or copyrighted or something.  Meh.  The point being you and I are both looking for a quick and easy, and preferably somewhat nutritional entree and this sure beats the ‘real’ one in all regards.  Maybe you think I’m out of my gourd for even acting like a recipe is required?  W/e – I really like the Mickey D one okay!?    And these guys consider it a ‘top secret recipe’ so I’m not that looney alright?

So here’s what ya do:


Easy Egg McMuffin

Recipe yoinked from Top Secret Recipes


1 English Muffin

2 Slices fake bacon (or veggie meat of your choice)

1 egg

1 slice American Cheese

*small empty can about the circumference of the muffin (tuna, soup or even mini pie dish all work!)


1. Heat a pan to medium heat. Split the English muffin and brown each face in pan while cooking bacon (I usually just nuke them).

2. Grease the inside of the can with shortening/nonstick spray.

3. Place the greased can on the hot pan (still on med. heat) and crack egg into it.  Break the yolk and lightly salt.

4.  When the egg surface begins to firm cut around the inside of the can gently to free the edges. Remove egg from can and cook other side for 1 additional minute.

5. Built your sammie!  I recommend bottom of muffin, cheese, egg, fake-on, top of muffin.  Nuke for 20 sec. to achieve uniform heating.


Serve with a greek yogurt, toasted walnut, cinnamon and honey parfait if you really wanna kill it:)


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