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Skin Update, The Whole Schmorgasboard

15 Mar

Believe it or not, I think I’ve gone a whole week or 2 without having one of those super-painful blemishes. And for me, that’s a small wonder.  Heaven knows I haven’t got it all figured out but since my lastest method of avoiding those buggers seems to be working I figured I’d share.  Especially since I now know that a few of you sweetheart readers actually care about/utilize my skin experiences.

Plus, I’ve got to admit I’m pretty lazy about the whole process, I never do it exactly like the founder recommends.  Instead, I use my own facewash, once a day, and then put about a pea size amount of ‘the treatment’ before bed, rubbing it in for only about 30 seconds.  I also use the jojoba oil in combo with a super duper  Oil of Olay moisturizer to keep my super-dry skin in check.

I’ve tried to really consider other factors too, eliminating any hair products (especially shampoo/conditioners) and makeup that seems to aggravate my easily-agitated skin. This felt like a waste of $$$, since I was setting aside good products that seemed to work well with exception to their potentially pimply aftermath (ie – these dove ones, and tons of my old foundations.)  I’m now using both John Frieda and Pantene Pro-V’s brilliant brunette shampoos and conditioners.  And as far as coverup/foundation I’m thrilled with Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfector.  It stays on much better than past foundations and definitely doesn’t exacerbate my acne.  Unfortunately, it’s a itty bitty container so next time I might try their makeup under the same name.

Then there’s something else that seems to have helped my skin.   Something terribly embarrassing and not fun to blog about.  But whatever, I’ve always been up-front with you all, and if it helps even one person, it’s worth it right?  Right.  So that said, I’ve finally taken steps to get my anxiety under control.  Yes, its ludicrous that someone as blessed as I have been, is anxious, but be that as it may – I am.  And when it started to feel like it was taking over my life I finally got some help. I’m on some meds, and with the incredible support of my sweet, sweet hubs, and a grace-filled Father, I think it’s really improving – which is in turn having a positive effect on my skin.  Win, win eh!?

So there’s the whole gamut, everything I’ve changed in hopes of clear skin, and at the moment, thank you Jesus – it’s working!  I’d love to hear from you guys – any tips, thoughts, cupcake recipes, etc, etc;-).


Skinny Updates – From Here on Out

27 Sep

I’m sick of trying to be creative and sneaky everytime I have to show my naked face on the internets.  So from now on, I’m going to just upload them to this and assume if you really care about my skin you’ll check in once in a while:)

Deal?  Awesome. Let the fun begin: Continue reading

Skinny Update #3

3 Sep

You might be here for my naked face pictures.  But let’s assume you’re not.  Let’s assume that I can distract you with some interesting pictures and fun facts:

  • Jer and I just discovered a Downy Serviceberry tree in our backyard!  Jury’s still out on whether those little berries taste as yummy as the blueberries they mimic.  Gots a tree you need to identify too?  Check out:
  • We’re going to the Adirondacks tomorrow!  Yay mini-getaway. Buhbye internets, cell service and otherwise civilized world – catch ya on the flipside!
  • I learned how to make a lattice pie crust top today.  It was scintillating. For realz.  I’d never made a pie crust top before, specially not a beauteous stripeyed one!

Ain’t she purdy?!  I also made two dozen cinnamon buns – my belly would like you to know the were purdy too.  And delicious.

Still not distracted?  Bummer.

Quick and painless.  Or less painful mebbe.  Let’s get this over with! Continue reading

Skinny Update 2

5 Aug

Blargh.  I hate these posts.  You and I both would rather be lookin’ at cupcakes… Consider it a labor of love.  Been over a week on regimen.   Continue reading

Skinny Update #1

27 Jul

Let’s be real here.  Even after 10+ years of acne – I was still *really*excited when my order came last week.  It was darn fast shipping too – got here just 2 days after I ordered!  Weekend was crazy busy (as always) so I’ve been doing a speed treatment.  AKA nothing like what he recommends on the website.  I’m pleased to announce several observations based on my limited experience thus far:

  • Seriously big products. I know I spent $70, but still – seemed like getting my money’s worth for sure!
  • This stuff goes on nice. By that I mean: no burning, stinking, peeling, or tears.  Bonus.
  • Look, ma!  No new pimplies. The old scarring and remainder zits are still semi-lingering but…. they’re not getting worse.  Usually I wake up every morning depressed and the new arrivals.  No longer!  Exciting stuff.
  • My skin feels nice.   I know it doesn’t look good yet… but I’ll tell ya – it’s smoother and not nearly as ‘tight’ feeling as usual.  Plus, that jojoba stuff really hangs around.  Few drops at night and my skin is still supple (fun word) and soft in the AM.
  • Probably more stuff could fit in that flat rate box. That said, if this stuff works, I’d be all for stocking up on one order to last like a year and saving on shipping:)

Continue reading

Teenage Years – Relived – Via: My Face

22 Jul

For those of you who don’t know:  I”m 23 years old. Puberty has passed. But by looking at my face you’d never guess.  Instead – the pizza party implies that my hormonies are just a ragin’ under there.  It’s problematic.  And I know that I’ve blabbed about how wonderful my skin care products are… but now that I’m off birth control – that’s all out the window.  Turns out my face definitely prefers a steady flow of artificial hormonies to regulate its (totally outta) control zit production.  Lately the only thing the persa gel has been doing is causing my skin to peel off at a rapid rate.  I think I still like the face wash – but that’s up for debate too…*

Anyways – the acne that’s now returned to middle school levels is the horrible deep and painful kind.  It’s actual term – ‘cystic acne’ – does give you an idea of the awful, sore and hideous nodules that accompany the issue.  But those of you who’ve experienced zits in general don’t need an explanation – you know just how painful, embarrassing and downright obnoxious they can be.

I’ve been through the whole gamut of dermatologist treatment.  To me, it seems like trial and error, and less methodological than my own, thank you very much. I hate to tell ya doc, but your sulfur facewash is useless, the Benzaclin burns my flesh off, and, honestly, I don’t really care for your $25 copays either!  I don’t care to go through it all again – especially if it just means I’ll end up on birth control (it’s why I started on the pill in the first place – freakin’ mutinizing skin…).

So I’m trying a different approach.  No doctors, no pills, just this one guy’s pretty impressive website and advice. For once, it doesn’t really seem like a scam (no seaweed,  lasers, or $50 pricetag on 2 ounces).  The guy’s gone through it himself (although no pics – bummer) and has even done a bit of homework.  I’m most impressed by how hard he’s worked to sell the basic products (with the necessary active ingredients) at a low cost without all the fancy schmancy (and $$$) labeling, advertising and packaging. Continue reading