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Planetary Cupcakes

19 Oct

Who says science can’t be delicious?  Not moi!

Sometimes us teachers have to be creative.  You know, how can we call goodies in the classroom educational.  Er, I mean, how can we make learning fun…

So anyways… I made these a couple of years ago (back in my earlier cupcake days) for a bunch of adorable 2nd graders who had stolen my heart and were studying the solar system at the time.

There’s not necessarily a recipe that goes with this post… I used my favorite cupcake recipe, and then tweaked the sizes the best I could to parallel planet sizes.  (Obviously, these aren’t even CLOSE to ‘to scale,’ but I focused more on relative size [you know, Jupiter being the big oaf of a cupcake and Mercury the bitty baby]).  I made a double batch, partly to feed all the hungry mouths, and partly so I would have enough cupcakes to make a whompin’ sun.

I also know Pluto is no longer a ‘planet.’  ‘Cept I had a cutie-pie little guy in my class who was outspoken on his love for Pluto.  A little guy who didn’t say much else.  It was almost like he related with that little guy on the outside of the planet clique.  So in his honor, I make a tiny bitty cupcake with a tiny bitty candy representing ‘Pluto’ on it.  And that particular little kiddo just about exploded with joy when he saw that ‘Pluto’ cupcake, in turn melting my old, mushy heart.

Back to the topic at hand.  You’ll also need copious amounts of food coloring.  Yeah, yeah, I know – dyes and badness.  Pish, posh, all is forgiven in the name of learning silly kittens!

Plus, this way licking knives results in awesome (makeupless) pics with a sexy blonde;)

Go get your learning cupcakes on!


Bitty Update

22 Jul



Right now, I am all kinds of absorbing the moment.

It’s a beautiful morning here in upstate NY, clear blue skies and a light breeze and lots of degrees cooler than yesterday. I’m sitting on our balcony, sipping coffee with almond joy creamer (!!), snuggling our 2 impossibly adorable mutts and catching the occasional glimpse of the giant sign in our front yard:


Did I mention I have the most supportive and wonderful friends and family in the universe? Continue reading


18 Jul

Not sure if it’s just my browser, or if wordpress is on the fritz, but if you’re having trouble viewing any of my posts try clicking on their heading and reading them from that page. I also can’t see my latest post on my homepage, so click here to read it: Homemade Laundry Detergent (if it’s MIA on your browser too!)

I guess it’s just wonky Monday!

Love, Tessah

UPDATE 08/02/2011

Since the wonkiness hadn’t disappeared a couple of weeks later, I decided to take matters into my own hands.  And by that I mean I googled solutions and was almost stumped until I stumped onto this handy article:


The first solution they discuss *totally* cleared up my spacing/viewing issues (once I figured out where ‘Settings’ and ‘Reading’ were located – on the wayyy bottom left-hand menu).  I guess I brought in some oddball code somehow but removing anything that said ‘div’ made the post, and my blog way happier!

PS) my blog symptoms were huge awkward spacing and disappearing posts, with most issues appearing on the top of the page at the ‘most recent’ post.  Plus, my sidebar was mysteriously missing.

Playtime! Additional Professional Issues Resources

15 Jul

“It is paradoxical that many educators and parents still differentiate between a time for learning and a time for play without seeing the vital connection between them.”

– L. F. Bascaglia


Photo by sargant (cc).

Hi there! If you’ve found your way over here from our Naz Capstone class – fear not, you’re in the right place!  Try to ignore the distracting recipes and surrounding sugar party while you browse these resources (but feel free to check them out afterwards:])! Continue reading


14 Dec

“As we look ahead into the next century,

leaders will be those who empower others.”

– Bill Gates

Wanna know who all these fine lookin’ folks are?  Well, you’re in luck!

A darling friend has just cranked out one heck of a resource packet of sorts for your educational pleasure.  En regarde inventions!

So all you teacher friends – eat your hearts out (while giving proper credit of course;])…

Invention Resource Packet

Inventor Collage

Invention Centers

Cheapie Whiteboards

1 Dec

Hi Darlings!

Does it feel like beautiful, glorious, wonderful winter wherever you are?  I’m usually a grump about the season, until the white, glowy beautiful snow sets in and I’m safely tucked away in our cutie house gleefully gazing out the window at the winter wonderland…  Then I really like it:) Continue reading

Hyperlink Glitches in Powerpoint 2007

24 Nov

First, let me say that PowerPoint2007 is sexy.  It absolutely gets the job done… but here’s the thing – when you’re whippin’ up a Jeopardy game – you really need followed hyperlinks to change color. And change the color theme settings all you want – a glitch in Ppt07 means it ain’t gonna happen.   Long story short – lots of searching (and blaming myself) led me to this semi-helpful thread:

And eventually my solution. Tried the hotfix recommended by ‘John SR Wilson’ first. 2 things:

  • A ‘hotfix’ is not nearly as exciting as it sounds.
  • His didn’t solve my problem….  Hyperlinks changed color – but only after I exited the slideshow- meh.

But the vague instructions to uninstall the Security Update KB 982158 WORKED!  Yup, I’m freakin’ pumped.   Alls ya gotta do is find your way into the control panel and use your tired eyes to find the one labeled Security Update KB 982158, right click and uninstall…  Steps look somethin’ like this:

  1. Start
  2. Control Panel
  3. Programs
  4. Programs and Features
  5. Installed Updates
  6. Uninstall and Update
  7. Don’t try to CTRL F or “Search installed updates” just use your handy dandy eyeballs to locate it
  8. Right click
  9. Uninstall
  10. (You’ll have to exit ppt)
  11. BAM! Reopen and you got your very own, most lovely, color changin’ hyperlinks!  Eee!

Yup, that’s it – those are my pre-Thanksgiving recipes for success;)  Night kittens!