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Organizing Bookmarks – Pain In the Arse

2 Jan


Started the new year out with an ambitious tackling of the bookmark ‘folder.’  Where folder means pile of insanity.  Tons of research resulted in no (findable) free programs that sort your bookmarks for you on Chrome (COME ON PEOPLE!!) so I bucked up and did it by hand.  And (too many) hours later – here are the folders that triumphed.

I did use a  bit of Atomic Bookmarks 2 (an extension for Chrome) but its not too different than Chrome’s bookmark manager.  Other than that, the only highly useful extension I can recommend is Bookmark Sentry which did a stellar job of quickly and smoothly hacking out all my repetitive and broken links (mostly the result of careless bookmarking and abandoning delicious (whose rumored to be going down soon).

Please note that I was searching for a program to ORGANIZE (declutter) my bookmarks (I was thinking by content – like crawling the pages, assessing topics and then categorizing by major themes) NOT one to sync or share my bookmarks.  I see the value in the latter but it’s just not imperative to my productivity at this point.

I’m still entirely befuddled on why google bookmarks and chrome bookmarks are independent and not easily reconcilable (preventing me from quickly utilizing YAGBE and Diigo required and account set up which I was too frustrated at that point to bother with.

And with that excitement – off to address thank you notes!


Endless Successes!

5 Aug

Don’t be depressed after that last post kittens.  Killer deals were still had:

1. Woolrich Women’s Somerton Microsuede Moc,British Tan,Medium (US Women’s 8.5-9.5 M) – $21  These babies are SUPER comfy and have soles so they are great for when I’m chasing doggie around the yard.  Until we get a freakin’ kitchen floor – these are permanently attached to my feeties!

2. Antenna Midnight Blossom 17″ Laptop Sleeve,Black/Red,17″ $45.00  – This sucker was a bit ‘harder’ and more padded than I’d pictured, which is an okay issue because I have a horrible case of the dropsies and would *hate* to kill my laptop.  It fit’s my 17″(diagonal screen – don’t ask me why this is the standard way to measure laptops) hpG60 quite nicely – snugly – not too big or too small.  It also has a nifty pocket for documents too.  Good for days you just want your laptop and not a giant bag.

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The Giant Stuff Review – Part 1 – Failure

5 Aug

Remember that shopping spree I went on last week?  Well the results are in: I have an (online) shopping problem.  You know it’s bad when you’re excited about returning things because the refund seems like money you never had (the change in the couch cushions effect).  Anyways – before I start sending things off, here’s a rundown of everything I bought and what it looks like in real life (we all know online pics can be deceiving!).  Also – please forgive me for the horrible photography. Turns out its kinda hard to take pics of yourself in shoes, sunglasses and carry handbags.  Whatev.

First, the fails:

1.PUMA Women’s Voltaic 2 Sneaker,Dark Shadow/Scuba Blue/Puma Silver,8 B(M) US – These guys were so much uglier in real life!  And the fit like bricks – hard and so uncomfortable, no what you would expect for $80. Bummer – can’t recommend these whatsoever.  Fail Puma.

2. Jessica Simpson Women’s J293 Oversized Sunglasses,Tortoise Frame/Gradient Brown Lens,one size – $38.61 – These came in a great sleeve and seemed high enough quality.  However, they were HUGE.  Hello there bugface.
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Love me some Toms

23 Jul

Ahhhh… I finally did it and my excitement levels are THROUGH the roof.  Most exhilarating shoe shopping eva.  

Can’t read all that tiny writing?  Let me summarize:

Me: why isn’t it letting me put size 8.5 red calypso’s into my cart?

Tom: bc there’s only one pair left – get on your horse sister!

Me: alrighty then!  let’s do it!

Tom: we’ve got to work quickly to get it through – gimme all ur info.

Me: (quick like a bunny)

Me: HEART POUNDING, NEEDS TO GO LAY DOWN.  Sweet, sweet success!

Mine, all  mine. Well – and that cutie pie kid’s halfway around the country who will be getting a desperately needed pair of shoes!  I love everything about this business model – starting with the fact that for every pair purchased, a pair is given to a child in need (such a basic need that we American’s often dont even stop to consider) to the shoe style and comfort (wore my goldies all around NYC for 4 days straight – and FOR ONCE my bad foot wasn’t in agony!), to how their shoes ‘speak for themselves’ (people are always asking me about them – especially the vegan habitante’s which have moving facts written all over them):  It’s like a built-in message spreader.

Obv.s I have a favorite shoe store eh?  And be sure to google around for promo codes before you order!  I forgot and missed out, but you don’t have to follow in my footsteps;)

Top of the Heap Tuesday –

13 Jul

Excellent news! Wif accidentally got a class ahead on her Learning Through the Arts assignments.  Which means… time to post!  The first top of the heap in far too long!

So I order my contacts online – always.  Why?  Because it saves me billions of dollars silly gooses. That dang optometrist, or ophthalmologist… or whoever that eyeball guy is –  charges literally 3 times more than for the identical product.  He does a good job looking at my eyes and telling me what I need, but it’d be like buying your shampoo @ the hairdresser (okay – I know some of you do – but baby, I got friends in loooowww places – like drugstore shampoo).

I wear Acuvue Oasys’ and I’ve checked my fair share of online retailers (Acuvue themselves,,, etc.) and DCL (you know what I’m sayin’ right?) always has ’em beat – by a fair amount!  And if you spend over $99 you get free shipping!  And my little tip – order lots of contacts when you do order!  It will save you from having to go back to the eye doctor and pay unecessary copays because you ran out of contacts and your Rx expired.  Sure – that’s bad advice if you’ve got serious eye issues or a degenerative disorder – but for the average Jane like moi’s eyeballs – not much is changing on a monthly basis.

Another reason I love DCL – I need more contacts but can’t find my Rx (remember that whole moving 3 times in 18 months?  My life is upside-downish) – and I really don’t want to squeeze an eyeball appointment into my somehow-already-jampacked summer schedule.  So in a (desperate) attempt to save time and annoyance I go through the motions of ordering a couple more boxes – figuring if the Rx was expired/ my eye doctor won’t verify it – I’ll find out soon enough and schedule the danged appointment.  But lo and behold that most amazing company got right on their horse and within one business day my order had shipped!  *Eyes do a happy dance.*

Here’s my order details for interested parties: (I got 5 boxes to qualify for free shipping – both my eyes have the same Rx so I can do that without having 6 extra months of right eye vision;])  Also – be sure to google “ coupon” before you place your order to see where you can save – I used the code bolded below:)

ACUVUE OASYS (Right)    $23.45 * 3 = $70.35
ACUVUE OASYS (Left)    $23.45 * 2 = $46.90
Adjustment: EXSALE08 (10% Off Coupon): $-11.73
Total:      $105.52
Shipping:    $0.00
Sales Tax:  $0.00
Grand Total: $105.52

And I’ll even spare you the math – because I love you THAT much! 6 contacts per box x 5 boxes = 30 contacts / 2 contacts used per month = 15 months of happy eyes for wif!

or: more simply put: $3.52 per contact ! yowza!

All in all, DCL has done me right, low prices, prompt service and no jerking around – which is more than *most* companies we all deal with on a daily basis.  Bravo – you’ve won me over!

PS: One more reason to stay on top of fresh contacts?  My brosef recently got an eye infection from keeping the same pair for too long (over a month).  Seems like an okay way to pinch pennies until your bloodshot eyes ruin that plan!

The Great Butter Battle

7 Jun

So it’s high time I start going through the (absurd) amount of post ideas, and their accompanying photos, and sharing these useless little gems of knowledge with my favorite bloglets.  And since I’m a very logical person (stop laughing) – where else would I start than with the only ‘A’ folder, waiting in the wings to surprise the world!:

Almond Versus Peanut Butter – A Showdown

I’m sure thousands of you out there spend multitudinous hours in the grocery stores around the world contemplating the question of the ages:  “Should I get almond, or peanut butter?”  Sure taste plays a role in your mental debate, but let’s be real here – they’re both totally toothsome (I know you’re rolling your eyes on that word so I linked it.  Now, since you owe me for questioning my intelligence – I will accept your use of the word in a conversation this week as reparation.) so that can’t really be the deciding factor.  So let us turn our full focus to each spread’s health benefits (okay fine, and just because I love you – cost too).  And since everybody knows how exorbitantly I love Wegman’s – I compiled all my data from their handy dandy website.

Let’s meet the contestants:

Woodstock Farms Natural Almond Butter, Smooth/Unsalted


Wegmans Peanut Butter, Organic, Creamy Continue reading

Cupcake Romping

20 Feb

Wif and her galpals have had a recent obsession passion for cupcakes and other baking adventures so last night we headed out to Henrietta to check out The Christmas Tree Shoppe and Jo-Ann’s goods.  Of course we ended up with misc. and very necessary items.  Wif’s fave? Her new PEARLS!!  Eeeee!

They’re peppermint and SO getting incorporated into someone special’s bridal shower ice cream cake!

And of course a trip to Henrietta would most certainly not be complete without a little stop @ Chipotle.  And yes, it is all they say it is and more.  Wif devoured ordered the vegetarian tacos with black beans, medium salsa, lettuce, cheese and sour cream.  There are no words. Chipotle uses such fresh ingredients and holy moly does that make for a killer taco!  And for $7 – it’s a pretty unbeatable dinner!

Like this... except less chickeny and MORE beany!

Directly following Chipotle (and a quick little stop @ good old Wegman’s) the 3 mouseketeers were in desperate need of a toasting place to celebrate one wonderful ladies new FULL TIME EMPLOYMENT (*hallelujah, hallelujah*). First we scooted over to the newish Lovin’ Cup in the RIT plaza-dealy.  But that turned out to be real annoying. There is minimal and overpacked parking so we hiked a freakin’ tundra just to discover that stinky place was charging a cover since there was a band there.  Rude.  Don’t you know we have toasting to do!?

The ROC seems to shut down early so after much brain scratching we hit up Cheesecake.  The Cheesecake Factory was open til midnight and we knew they’d have fun drinks and okay, fine, sweets galore.

Between the three of us we split Stefanie’s Ultimate Red Velvet Cheesecake:

Moist layers of Red Velvet Cake and our Original Cheesecake covered with our special Cheesecake Factory cream cheese frosting. 25¢ from the sale of each slice will be donated to Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization. Really, 25 cents Cheesecake Factory? – are you saying you can’t spare more than that off of a $7 piece of cake?!

and (because we’re females in need of chocolate) Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake:

Well helloooo, beautiful.

Layers of Flourless Godiva Chocolate Cake, Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake and Chocolate Mousse.

Let me be clear. That Godiva piece was HEAVENLY.  I think my tongue started doing backflips in excitement on the first bite.  But aside from that… I was not overwhelmed. And here’s why:

  • Our server was friendly enough but I do not love getting my coffee AFTER my cheesecake.  C’mon now.
  • All three lovely ladies got hot drinks.  But turns out thats a total misnomer. My Caramel Royale Macchiato was luke warm at best. Blech. And the other two’s were a similar icky temperature. (The nice presentation -albeit rather late- did do a bit of redemption work.)
  • The Red Velvet was… alright.  Wif hates to sound uppity and/or picky but it was really lacking in the flavor area and the texture was so dense it reminded me more of a squished and refrigerated banana bread than Red Velvet.  I guess when we go to somewhere called Cheesecake Factory we just always expect quite a *wow* factor and this cake really had none of that.
  • Our total came to $32 without tip.  I’m sorry but $32 for 2 desserts and 3 drinks … especially ones that were subpar?  Meh.  But perhaps I’ve been spoiled with Hose 22 and Chipotle as of late?

Anyways, the night still most certainly came out a winner, as it’s hard not to when you’re out with wonderful people, shopping AND eating!  Not to mention celebrating a *very special* new jobby.  Hooray!

Now wif just needs to contemplate fitting into her new bridesmaids dress after all of that Chipotle and cheesecake up in here…

Suck it in wif, suck it in.