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Dunkin’ Donuts – A Big Beautiful Rose on Humpday

17 Mar


…some good news for New Yorkers.

Oh Dunkin – you are one of my forever true loves. Today started out with one of those face/cranium aches that you feel everywhere  – from your ears to your cheeks and back around your neck.  Probably because I hadn’t had caffeine  yet and it was 2pm – ew.  So anyways – where does Dunkin’ come into the picture.   Oh just because they give away FREE COFFEE every Wednesday.  It started back in the end of February and goes through the end of March.  And it’s every bit as glorious as it sounds.  You can get a medium either hot or iced coffee… even served with a smile!  Once I even got caramel in it!! And there’s really no catch – you don’t have to buy anything else, give them your coupon (I have one but they’ve never even looked @ it) or sell your soul. Man, I love those people.

PS) This deal might just apply to Western New York… I keep going to the drive thru one on 96 in Victor Village… it is my happy place. So if you’re in the area (and whats the harm in trying even if you’re not) go out and get yourself some… and find your happy place too!

Oh yeah and…


I recommend celebrating by making ye selves some Irish Cream Crunkcakes!