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Easy Peasy Homemade Laundry Detergent (on the cheap)

17 Jul

Hi kiddos!  How are you all?  I hope each and every one of you had a stellar weekend!

Ours was frankly marvelous! It consisted of:

  • HARRY POTTER!  (Ok, that’s a bit of a lie – that was more Thursday evening/Friday morn  – but still – killer flick with great friends:])
  • Brother home (and Carolyn – what a sweetheart!)
  • Catching up with a long lost high school pal – and learning the most exciting tip EVER (more on that later – it totally deserves a post of its own)
  • A lovely day at the lake with fam (this past week has literally been PERFECT summer weather – I couldn’t love it more!)
  • A 20+ hour rendez vous with one of my college besties, Jer Bear and my cousin – such a dream team!  Wine bars, smores, bon fires, games, lots of homemade yummies and a walk on the canal – doesn’t get much better than that!
  • Saving gobs of money while making an environmentally friendly choice.   Read on:)

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Hip Hip Hooray – A Giveaway!

2 Sep

We have a weeeennnerrr!

After seriously racking my brain, employing Microsoft OneNote in numbering ‘legal’ entries, figuring out and even making my very own handy dandy Giveaway form with google docs – the big moment has finally arrived!  Of course – a gigundo thank you to everyone who shared my blog and left great feedback – I *so* appreciate it!

Our winner is… comment numero 2:

Miss Leah!

I’ve sent you the fancy schmancy form – submit it and the loverly apron will be on its way to you!  Xoxo!

Dearest Faithful Followers (and random passerbys!),

Hip hip hooray!  Today is the day!  I’m hosting my very first giveaway!!! And because we all know baking is my favoristest thing and laundry is most certainly not – how about an *adorable* retro (lemon pattern) apron that will save that cutie white Crew tank that you just got on clearance!

Hubs made very minimal effort on the photo taking, so you may choose between blurry- and darkness:

Hubs was also terribly concerned that wif looked nekie under there so he was careful to not include the bottom of the apron or wif’s short-clad legs.  Just trust me that it’s cute and ends pretty close to where the photos stop.  And thank hubby for the incredible photo-takin’ skills;)

And since I love you all so much – I’m giving you lots of chances to win – and no limit on entries!   You can:

  • Dream up something you’d like me to whip up and share (or review)
  • Subscribe to my RSS feed (since I don’t really know how to check this – be sure to comment so I know you’ve done so!)
  • Tweet (or facebook or blog!) about this contest with a link

And after you’ve done so – just leave me a little comment about it and voila – you’re entered!  If you do more than one, be sure to leave each as a separate comment so you get all the chances you deserve!

This contest will run through midnight (eastern time if you want to be difficult;]) on Wednesday, September 8th, 2010.  On Thursday I’m going to try my darndest to figure out and post, right here, the lucky ducky winner who will have this cutie apron mailed right to their doorstep!

If  you’re that lucky ducky winner- you’ll be notified via the email you provide so be sure to keep an eye out so you can respond with your address within 3 days:)

Good luck kiddos!

xoxo, Mama Wif

Ebay Selling

27 Jul

Yipes!  Finally listed my first item for sale on Ebay. Let me tell youAmazon is like 1 billion times easier.  Except that they already have to have what you’re selling listed.  Bummer.  So ebay it was.  Took me like an hour to get everything set up  – hope it sells!

Lookin’ for a discounted David’s Bridal Sleeveless Taffeta Tea-Length Dress -Size 2 Plum – Style: D02101? I’m your girl!  There’s two for sale (both size 2 in plum) and maybe more to come!

Bing Cashback and Endless Own My Life

27 Jul

Oh my word. I am SUCH a sucker for a good deal. You know how I’m always ranting about googling for a promo code before you check out? Well friends, today I hit the motherload. I love  They’re probably the most customer-friendly website I’ve ever dealt with (so it’s no surprise they’re associated with amazon) and what’s not to love about an emphasis on shoes and handbags? And THEN, the cherry on top – free OVERNIGHT shipping BOTH WAYS (and price matching!).  Online shoppers heaven to be precise.  Seriously – ordered several a billion items around 1pm today and THEY’RE already shipped.  For free.  Heavenly right? On the otherhand, I always thought I hated  That is, until today.  When bing (and a bit of frigging*) got me A WHOPPING 40% cashback on ALL of my purchasing frenzy .  But to get  this deal you’ve gotta hurry – bing cashback only lasts until the end of July and I’m not sure how long that 40% rate will hang on (apparently it changes daily).

Remember that purse I was looking for? Well, I didn’t exactly end up with one of my previous options, because I found this little lady…  Isn’t she gorgeous?

But somehow (don’t ask me how!) we went from just her to this nonsense:

(guess who just sat on and ruined their sunglasses?  Don’t worry – I don’t intend on keeping all these – just need to try them on and – remember free return shipping!) Continue reading

Dealio Friday

23 Jul

Hi Kiddos!

Happy Friday! Don’t worry – this won’t be a weekly habit (unless of course it’s wildly popular ;]) but I’m privy to some hecka deals going on right now do I figured I’d share.  But if you get any of these – you must share about it- because of course I’m living vicariously through you!  Especially with the cutie pie wellies;)!

Target Galoshes – $15 plus shipping

View them by price, from low to high, to see all the $15 ones first – there’s tons of them!

And the last dealie – one I had to hit up myself!

3 1/2 lb. boxes (yummy flavor of your choice) of Gevalia coffee for $3 shipped! eeeeee! Comes with a little scoopie guy too.

Or the 3 boxes and a sweet stainless travel mug for $3 (saw this after I ordered mine – bummer!)

You can also choose 2 1/2 pound boxes and a stainless steel travel mug for $6 shipped:)

With these Gevalia deals I think you might have to cancel an subscription after you receive your order – worth it!

Anyone want to join in the Dealio Friday party?  Pray tell!