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Top of the Heap Tuesday – Gladiolas

21 Jul

Just for a quick moment – let’s pretend today is yesterday k?  ‘Preciate it.

This top of the heap doesn’t have too terribly much substance…  Can’t really tell ya how to buy, grow, pick or care for these flowers… just wanted to share with the world how *crazy* beautiful they are.  Even their name is pretty awesome.  Also – if any one would like to donate some bulbs, or corms if you will – wif would be eternally grateful.

Prettyful Gladiolas

I’m sure I could have made a better arrangement and narrowed it down to fewer shots.  But let’s be real – these colors are magnificent (even thrown together carelessly) and I simply can’t get enough of them!

Alright then, happy Tuesday to ya;)!


Top of the Heap Tuesday –

13 Jul

Excellent news! Wif accidentally got a class ahead on her Learning Through the Arts assignments.  Which means… time to post!  The first top of the heap in far too long!

So I order my contacts online – always.  Why?  Because it saves me billions of dollars silly gooses. That dang optometrist, or ophthalmologist… or whoever that eyeball guy is –  charges literally 3 times more than for the identical product.  He does a good job looking at my eyes and telling me what I need, but it’d be like buying your shampoo @ the hairdresser (okay – I know some of you do – but baby, I got friends in loooowww places – like drugstore shampoo).

I wear Acuvue Oasys’ and I’ve checked my fair share of online retailers (Acuvue themselves,,, etc.) and DCL (you know what I’m sayin’ right?) always has ’em beat – by a fair amount!  And if you spend over $99 you get free shipping!  And my little tip – order lots of contacts when you do order!  It will save you from having to go back to the eye doctor and pay unecessary copays because you ran out of contacts and your Rx expired.  Sure – that’s bad advice if you’ve got serious eye issues or a degenerative disorder – but for the average Jane like moi’s eyeballs – not much is changing on a monthly basis.

Another reason I love DCL – I need more contacts but can’t find my Rx (remember that whole moving 3 times in 18 months?  My life is upside-downish) – and I really don’t want to squeeze an eyeball appointment into my somehow-already-jampacked summer schedule.  So in a (desperate) attempt to save time and annoyance I go through the motions of ordering a couple more boxes – figuring if the Rx was expired/ my eye doctor won’t verify it – I’ll find out soon enough and schedule the danged appointment.  But lo and behold that most amazing company got right on their horse and within one business day my order had shipped!  *Eyes do a happy dance.*

Here’s my order details for interested parties: (I got 5 boxes to qualify for free shipping – both my eyes have the same Rx so I can do that without having 6 extra months of right eye vision;])  Also – be sure to google “ coupon” before you place your order to see where you can save – I used the code bolded below:)

ACUVUE OASYS (Right)    $23.45 * 3 = $70.35
ACUVUE OASYS (Left)    $23.45 * 2 = $46.90
Adjustment: EXSALE08 (10% Off Coupon): $-11.73
Total:      $105.52
Shipping:    $0.00
Sales Tax:  $0.00
Grand Total: $105.52

And I’ll even spare you the math – because I love you THAT much! 6 contacts per box x 5 boxes = 30 contacts / 2 contacts used per month = 15 months of happy eyes for wif!

or: more simply put: $3.52 per contact ! yowza!

All in all, DCL has done me right, low prices, prompt service and no jerking around – which is more than *most* companies we all deal with on a daily basis.  Bravo – you’ve won me over!

PS: One more reason to stay on top of fresh contacts?  My brosef recently got an eye infection from keeping the same pair for too long (over a month).  Seems like an okay way to pinch pennies until your bloodshot eyes ruin that plan!

Top O’ The Heap Tuesday: Doughmesstic Love

23 Mar

Yipes!  Another Tuesday almost snuck by without a proper posting.  What’s going on!?  Big apologies for the lack of bakingness of late – the good news is that I’ve got a good stockpile of fun recipes and pics ready for the postin’ tomorrow. Here let me give you a little tasty mctaster:

Plus, this weekend begins the wedding-shower-bonanza [read: opportunity to make  many delicious things in joyful celebration of one wonderful cousin’s wedding] which will be followed directly by Easter!  And you know what that means – yummy food, wonderful family and *Christ is risen!!!!!!* Hallelujah!   So in celebration wif will be baking up a special *coconut* cake and Doughmesstic’s heavenly-looking Fleur de Sel Caramel Brownies!  Mmmmmm!

So, following right along with the general lack-of-cohestiveness of this blog of late – wif has a unique Top O’ The Heap.  No, it’s not a red carpet dress that has all the women talking, or a product guaranteed to make you’re hair shiny and luscious.  Instead, it’s a good ol’ fashioned blog:

… She’s Becoming DoughMessTic

You absolutely must check out this wonderwoman’s blog!  Susan (Miss Doughmesstic herself) shares recipes from heaven (see previous drooling over caramel brownies) in a adorable and wonderfully snarky way.  And she’s one heck of a photographer, I often find myself salivating when flipping through her latest baking adventures.  And then there’s her cutie-pie son – Seven – whose got a beautiful story to match his unique name.

My Top Five *Fave* DoughMesstic Posts*

  1. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes
  2. The Cutest Darn Cookies You’ve Ever Seen!
  3. Chocolate Bourbon Caramel Cupcakes
  4. Classic Creme Brulee – ala Julia Child (I can’t wait to try this one! Jer will be so proud!)
  5. And, of course, those Fleur de Sel Caramel Brownies!

*Please know that I would love to put some of Susan’s amazing photos up on here – they would blow your mind for real.  But being new to blogging, I haven’t the foggiest how that works and I’d rather not tick a fellow hard-working blogger off… so until someone explains to me how to do it properly – you’ll just have to check out Susan’s site for all that delicious-picture-satisfaction.

Anyways-  back to She’s Becoming Doughmesstic…  or Susan to be more exact:

She tells it like it is and even hosts some killer giveaways once in a while.  In fact… I think you should stop reading this boring ol’ post and march yourself (and/or click yourself) right over there.  Find yourself some delectable recipes and get cookin’.  And be sure to leave Susan some warm fuzzies – for making your life more delicious.

Go, now!  What are you waiting for??

Top of the Heap Tuesday – Batiste Dry Shampoo

2 Mar

Wif is one of those girls. You know – the kind that can hardly go 24 hours without turning into a pumpkin grease ball.
Honestly, as soon as the clock strikes 12 hours since she last showers the dumb grossness starts building – and stick straight hair doesn’t do much to hide it either.  Most of my life I’ve resigned to the daily shower.  Or bidaily.  But, be honest, sometimes that gets old.  Like in the middle of the godforsaken NY winter when you never break a sweat (and your skin threatens to fall off because of the dryness) and just want to go to your crazy-early class without taking yet another shower.  So that’s how the hunt for dry shampoo began.  And here’s where it ended:Why?  Well silly, because after weeks of research wif ended up with the cheapest kind on the market because she wasn’t going to waste her hard earned moolah on a product that may or may not work and is white and made for blondies.  You know like the Oscar Blandi stuff that is $21 for almost half as much product- yipes!!  It’s all about minimizing damage – and $7 isn’t too hard of a hit – especially when you factor in the decreased use of regular shampoo, shaving cream soap, etc. etc.  [Seeeee, you can find an excuse for anything!]

Wif read a few reviews that said this schtuff shows up white on your head – but that’s only happened once when I was holding the can real close to my scalp and it easily brushed away.   None of that granny business that happens when brunettes attempt to de-grease with baby powder.  Yes, it’s as bad as it sounds.

Here’s the grease ball in action:

Scary... I know. Less than 24 hours after a shower:(

And with some life-savin’ spray action:

All in all, Batiste is definitely worth a try!  I’ve probably used it 12 times so far (generously) and the bottle still feels quite full.  It’s give me a bonus 10 hours or so of non-oil-city hair and even adds body.  It smells a bit like lemon bathroom cleaner – but who cares – it works, and it’s not a overbearing or lasting aroma.  It’s super-easy to use (just flip your head, spray at any problem areas from about 10 inches from head and then run your fingers or a brush through your hair) and small enough to throw in your gym bag.  Just kidding – wif would never head straight from a good sweat sesh to class;) / does it all of the time.

So there you go – a (cheap) dry shampoo for brunettes – quality of life has dramatically improved because of reading this post eh?

Any other dry shampoo thoughts cutie pies?!

Top of the Heap Tuesday – Rochester General Hospital

17 Feb

Alright – so I know this one is a bit out of our traditional ballpark here…  And sure, Rochester General might not be a swell beauty product but it sure did earn Top of the Heap.  And you know what else?  They do an incredible job at that which most of us would never want to do…

Yesterday wif, hubby and the whole famdamily spent the whooollllee day @ RGH while Grampy underwent surgery for his 2nd battle with cancer. *Just in case one type of cancer wasn’t enough already.* Wif won’t go into the gory details for your benefit but she will list what RGH did quite well.

  • There were several waiting areas that allowed us to be semi-close to Grandpa during surgery.
  • When you walk around looking confused all kinds of nice people in scrubs help guide you little lost ducklings…  And every single desk you went up to they were helpful and sweet.
  • The main surgery waiting room had a great big TV turned-sideways that scrolled through coded names of patients and their current status (operation room, post-op, recovery phase 1, etc.).
  • There were incredibly kind and helpful volunteers in the waiting rooms, they were so wonderful at conveying messages and keeping family in the loop (despite failing cell phone service).
  • There was a sweet looking fancy-pants machine that warmed up blankets for the stressed out family and friends waiting on their loved ones.
  • There was a lady with a basket of treats who came around once in a while.  And yes – treats are the direct route to wif’s house.
  • The doctor’s who came out with the update on Gramps were so timely,  sweet and considerate.
  • And absolutely most importantly: they successfully removed the cancer-monster from my grandpa’s tongue and he will speak again!

So, hopefully you’ll never have to go – well except for cutie baby pies – but if you do – my vote is for Rochester General Hospital.

Top of The Heap – Dove Shampoo and Conditioner

10 Feb

Great news bloglets!  Today’s Top of the Heap Tuesday is a twofer – whatta deal!

As you may have noticed by the Natural Instincts post, wif loves great hair but she is so NOT willing to pay very much for healthy beauteous locks.  That said, she has a steal of a shampoo and conditioner to share with you sweet little ones.

Wif’s new fave are the Dove Intense Damage Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner. Why intense therapy you ask?  Let’s remember who were talking to k?   Wif just figures that mebbe she owes it to her hair after dyeing her hair from the age of 15 and shampoos every dang day.  And her hair thanks her for using this glorious product by being shiny and happy:)  These run about $7 for the pair and one can often find coupons in the Sunday ads:)    Sometimes they’re even those giant 33% or some odd amount more free.  And this is one of those *crazy rare* finds that wif did NO research on… just happened to try a free sample and love it.  Even more than her old standby.*  So here’s to $11  a month salon-quality hair**.

*For many years Pantene Pro-V’s Brunette Expressions, they are so shimmery in the bottle and do nice things for the mane… I’d still recommend these little babies and they will run you around $10 for the set.

**Includes shampoo, conditioner and color;)

Any shampoo /conditioner rave reviews or giant thorns from the peanut gallery;)?

Top of the Heap Tuesday – Hoover Tempo Widepath Vacuum

3 Feb

And with that… she completed her To Do list. Ladies and gents behold a first in the history of man(wif)kind.

I know right!?  *Cheers in celebration!*  So, on with the productivity, let me present today’s:

Top of the Heap Tuesday: Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum

Anyways… wif’s vacuum earns top of the heap honors this week for several reasons:

1) She bought it a year and a half ago and it hasn’t had one single problem *ever*. And perhaps you haven’t noticed the pattern in wif’s life… if there is room for a issue… it finds a way to rear its ugly little head. But not this vacuum, nope, not one issue.  Okay fine, so maybe it broke a belt ONE measly time… jeeze get off wif’s back.

2) After Christmas, wif had to yell at gently correct hubby for vacuuming up about half of the Tannenbaum…  Except then guess what?  She vacuumed.  And something enchanting happened!  A most lovely aroma of spicy pine filled the room (which had previously reeked of bologna… why bologna you ask?  Mostly because wif really hates that icky stuff and has banned it from her home so it was taking vengeance.)  Anyways, it smelled lovely and of course immediate forgiveness was granted… Guess we should vacuum up the holidays completely next year – worked out so dang well.

3) There is stone cold facts to back wif up on this one…  Mebbe they had a *little* something to do with wif picking this sucker;)

And in other news: If you were missing wif – she has a good excuse… in the words of hubby “a wicked case of the voms” has been ruling her life.  But good new friends, she’s alive and kickin’ yet and even had her first cup of coffee in a week *gasp* today.  So let the bloggin (re)begin!!