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An Ode To Stevie

11 Aug

Today is a lovely lady’s birthday.  In her honor… we shall go on a photo journeyinto the world of Stevie...  Enjoy!

Once upon a time there came into the land a fair lady by the name of Stevie

not to be confused with her:

Or him: Continue reading


I Have > 1 Soulmate

17 Jun

And as for me – God really blessed my socks off when he sent me my friends.

Don’t think your selflessness and unreal generosity goes unnoticed.  Everytime I touch something clean in our new house – I’ll think of you and all that hard (nonfun) work.  Here’s lookin’ at you kid(s):

Thanks for grabbin’ your twisted tea, buckets and batmobiles!  Legit couldn’t have done it without you.

Somebody’s gonna drop everything,
Run out and crank up their car,
Hit the gas, get there fast,
Never stop to think ‘what’s in it for me?’ or ‘it’s way too far,’
They just show on up with their big old heart,
You find out who your friends are…

Listen to it.  Think about it.  And go thank somebody.

Big Agribusiness, Anonymous Food, and McLearners: An Analysis of Social Forces and Nutrition in U.S. Schools

8 Jun

Here I go again, sharing my school assignments like they’re candy (think longer and less delicious).  This time it’s a paper on the current state of public school cafeterias across America (and even a bit of contemplation on the social & cultural [biased] underpinnings)*. But again, I swear to you there’s a point I’m trying to make!

To read this beast click here –

Big Agribusiness, Anonymous Food, and McLearners: An Analysis of Social Forces and Nutrition in U.S. Schools

(I kept the edits by my professor – they’re good stuff!)

So last night I watched the only episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution that’s available on ABC’s (weak) streaming video website.  It was the finale – and it was *good stuff*.  How often do you watch the finale of something and then desperately want to catch up on older episodes, even though you already know how it “ends“?

This guy is onto something, something HUGE (please don’t say it like that bothersome used car salesman!).  And sweet hubby made a comment – that launched me into action.  And by action I mean – blabbing my thoughts into (a potentially empty) cyberspace.  Hubby said “Yeah, he’s right, but not enough people have the passion about that topic to actually make the changes across the board.”   Well, with all my love, I beg to differ. In fact, I bet even some of my sweet readers care.  In reality, whether you have school-aged children or not, this is the next generation, those who will follow (or hopefully not!) in our footsteps.  How dare we NOT care.

So if you’re out there – somewhere near or far – reading this – and you agree, you care too much to see our precious children fed trash in the name of big profits, then please, leave a comment. Let us know your thoughts, or a way you know of that we can make a difference, or just share a moving quote on the topic.  I’d love to prove hubby wrong see that there are more than enough caring individuals out there who want to see the tiny seedlings of change nurtured.

*Caution* – if you’re digging into this paper please know: “Sometimes knowledge can be painful.  Knowing about the kids across the United States that are unnecessarily suffering hurts me deep inside.  It leaves you wondering; what kind of a world do we live in?  Is there hope for future generations?  Or will greed always overtake human goodness in the big picture?”

If you don’t want to be made uncomfortable by reality, don’t read.  But if you care, and truly want to make a difference, I daresay that knowledge is the best catapult into caring, and perhaps even acting.

Superheroes at Home

2 Jun

Last night Jer said “Just put something on that’s casual superhero.” Just an typical night in the Webb household.  How cool is this!?   K, I’m off to contemplate our future in making everyone a super hero at home;)

Vegetarians are empathetic – go figure.

1 Jun

So I’ve spent several weeks contemplating posts that would really wow everyone with some of my more successful recent culinary endeavors.  As a result – I haven’t posted a single time since early last month.   My bad.

So rather than continue to waste time thinking – I’ve decided to open the blog up for interesting everyday tidbits – so here goes:)

Stumbled upon this article today on twitter (not to be confused with stumbleupon – the website – those sneaky buggers!):

It’s super interesting and something I’d been chewing on over my last decade of vegetarianism.  Thought about writing my senior paper on it but chickened out (har har) in the face of my very intense, intimidating & meat-eatin’ (read chew-A-students-up-and-spits-them-out-regularly) senior paper advisor.  Instead I went with the correlation between empathy and pro-environmental attitudes and behaviors… In fact, I think I shall post it for anyone interested in some light reading;)  But not right now – it just wouldn’t be in the spirit of quick painless posts!

Bottom of the Barrel – Bruegger’s Bagels

6 Apr

Yeah, that’s right, no Top of the Heap today – let’s blame it on the gray schmuckussy weather – must be putting wif in this rotten mood!  Anyways- bottom of the barrel today goes to …

Bruegger’s Bagels

Or, more specifically, to their blueberry and cinnamon raisin bagels.

Until today, it had been at least a year since I’d visited Bruegger’s.  Why you ask? Because the last time I went I had a blueberry bagel that didn’t have a SINGLE blueberry in it. I suppose it was sort of dyed bluish, but there wasn’t a bit of anything sweet or blueberry-ie in the whole dang thing.  And you know what – I had sour grapes.  So I complained. Via customer service email.  And guess what kind of a resolution I got?  Zippo, not even a measly email response.  So I didn’t go back, for a very, very long time.

But then today I decided to grab a bagel, after class, on my way to get groceries.  (You know –  spend a couple bucks on a bite to eat before grocery shopping – save $50 at the store by not hunger-buying.)  I really wanted blueberry, but I knew better and wasn’t in the mood for disappointment.  So I stuck with the basics – cinnamon raisin.  Big mistake! I’m telling you… sad times!  Again – not a SINGLE raisin, zilch.  Not only that, but no cinnamon really either, not even the teensiest sweet zippiness.  In fact, I think it tasted more like onion (maybe in the bag next to those?) than anything!  Sure, the texture was fine, and the light cream cheese did it’s job…  But for $2.50 don’t you kinda expect something better than you’d drop out of a bag of frozen bagels?  Uhg.

Yeah… I still ate it – I was starving… and remember the cost of grocery shopping was on the line.  At the end of the day though, I sure wish I could have my two and a half buck and 500 calories back!!  To spend on ice cream of course!  So there, I’m done ranting now – go in peace.

*Disclaimer* Yes, I know there are worse things in the world than a bad bagel, and I know I’m lucky to even have money to buy a bagel, and yes, I even say the world incorrectly like a true Rochestarian. So sue me. But keep in mind – maybe I’m doing the world a favor – you know – saving them from bad bagels (and wasting 500 calories on something – meh.)

You Sit on a Throne of Lies

2 Apr

Got this in my inbox today:

I guess they forgot to add the asterisk saying “APRIL FOOL’S... our service is neither fast, free, nor easy AND there’s darn good reason its best *selling* because we’re selling it to you- for $52… NOT *giving* it to you for free…  GOTCHA!

Yeah you laugh all the way to the bank TurboTax – because you can rest assured that hubby and wif’s business will never-ever return to you who steal-from-the-low-income-in-a-big-fat-bait-and-switch-that-wastes-hours-and-wears-the-innocent-down.

Welp, hope that was a nice rant to start off your Friday morning:)  HAPPY FRIDAY!  Hopefully more pretty Easter treats to come because:

  • The four-layer coconut cake is in the fridge.
  • The caramel brownie ingredients are in the closet (don’t ask – it’s similar to wif’s version of dishes in the bathtub).
  • The tortellini salad ingredients are piled into the fridge.
  • The ice cream sandwich *cake* ingredients are crammed in the freezer.
  • And the Easter blondies and Fleur de Sel brownies’ pictures are just a’waitin to be uploaded:)