Who’s Wif?

Hello darlings… It’s me wif!

My guess is that lots of you know me in real life… but for those of you who don’t here’s the breakdown shakedown:

  1. I dance like this.
  2. And I don’t eat animals…
  3. I’m from New York.  But not the kind you’re thinking of.
  4. I love all things sugary, buttery and creamy.  As a result, I bake far too often and sometimes pretend like it’s cupcakes that’ll change the world.
  5. I’m one heck of a lucky lady, married to my best friend (and high school sweetheart) for two years now!
  6. We also just bought our first home… let the do-it-yourselfing begin!
  7. I have a need for reviews.  I don’t buy much of anything without excessive research, which I sometimes share.
  8. I love puppies, and doggies, and most thing furry, especially of the adopted type.
  9. Also, I love Jesus.  Don’t ask me how/why but turns out he loves me too!

And no, there’s no ten.  So there.  I hope you come in, and stay awhile!


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